HU Shijun, a Famous Physical Education Expert: Leading the World’s Sports Development with Science and Technology

Reporter: Craig Macdonald

Nelson Mandela said: “Sports has the power to change the world.” Since the outbreak of the global epidemic, the contribution of sports to the world cannot be ignored. Sports has inspired people around the world with courage, solidarity and hope and become the “good medicine” to cure people during the epidemic. As a comprehensive and complex system, sports plays an important role in all aspects of society, and physical education is an extremely important part of it. As the country with the world’s largest population, China’s physical education runs from primary school to university, and is an indispensable part of the education system. However, under the background of the trend of economic globalization, if China’s physical education wants to explore a new direction of development, it will certainly introduce international ideas and upgrade with intelligent technical methods, which is also the trend of the development of physical education in the world.

In this regard, China’s famous physical education expert and technology R&D expert HU Shijun, gave a clear answer in the interview – “Throughout the reform of physical education in the world, it is first established and carried out around the development of teaching forms which determines the future development direction of physical education, as well as the teaching content, teaching methods and even the content of teaching evaluation. The development of science and technology has created good conditions and technical support for the intelligent upgrading of physical education.” HU Shijun believes that the concept of intelligent physical education is a product based on advanced science and technology under the background of modern society. It is not only a new development model of the industry, but also plays an important role in mobilizing people’s enthusiasm to participate in sports and improving the quality of sports and fitness.

HU Shijun specialized in physical education when he was studying, and then continued to study sports training. After graduation, he took important positions in professional gym and related sports management companies. He has a complete and systematic higher education experience in sports professionalism, and also has a deep research in the sports training field with human kinematics as the core. Meanwhile, HU Shijun applied these emerging technologies to all corners of physical education. Through his understanding and learning of relevant knowledge of physical education, he developed the “Interactive Sports Training Teaching System Based on Augmented Reality Technology V1.0” with artificial intelligence technology and augmented reality technology as the core, which injected life and vitality of intelligent technology into physical education.

In the new era, the role of artificial intelligence technology in the development of physical education has become increasingly important, but there is still room for progress for its application effect. At this time, experts with stronger R&D capabilities are needed to promote the in-depth development of physical education intelligence. Therefore, HU Shijun integrates computer graphics, computer vision, image processing technology, pattern recognition technology, artificial intelligence technology and multi-sensor technology into sports training teaching through research of augmented reality technology. He simulates the standard action and three-dimensional visual teaching of sports training, and creates a sports training teaching visualization and scene interactive experience integrating immersion, interaction and fun. Compared with the same type of technological achievements, this technology can fully immerse users in all abstract training and teaching knowledge points through virtual construction, so that strength, speed, endurance and other aspects can be fully exercised, thus effectively improving the comprehensive physical quality of athletes.

For today’s sports teaching system, the emergence of “Interactive Sports Training Teaching System Based on Augmented Reality Technology V1.0” provides an important technical support and development opportunity for the intelligent and integrated development of physical education. As a developer of this technology, HU Shijun has demonstrated his sensitivity and foresight in the direction of new technology R&D, which has helped the transformation and upgrading of the physical education industry to the greatest extent. HU Shijun also said that he would continue to engage in teaching and research in the field of sports training. He would work to integrate AI technology more closely with international sports like many other scientific researchers to accelerate the intelligent development of sports.

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