How Astarter Will Help DeFi Development on Cardano

After nearly one month of internal testing, the team has now officially decided to publish the open beta version launchpad on 25th May, 10 am UTC. As a new and native Cardano project, Astarter is a DeFi Infrastructure Hub with four core components for dApp projects and users wishing to utilize Cardano; 

  • Launchpad
  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX)
  • Money Market
  • Technical Support Services

Astarter is an EMURGO joint venture with solid strategic partners such as Yoroi, Moonstake, OKX Blockdream Ventures, NULS, Nabox and etc. Astarter is enhancing the DeFi ecosystem on Cardano by facilitating launching an initial DEX offering (IDO), trading of tokens, and receiving technological support for Cardano dApps and users. 

Right Timing for Astarter on Cardano

Through April 2022, 750+ projects are on the Cardano Cube website, which tracks projects and dApps building on Cardano. The number of projects was 515+ in March 2022, including Astarter (, and that amounts to 200+ new projects building on Cardano over the previous month. Tim Harrison – Vice President for Community and Ecosystem at Input Output Global, posted an article recently about 900+ projects building on Cardano. More development contributes to a more robust ecosystem.

These projects are building on Cardano for several reasons. Still, one of the most significant has been due to the support that projects on Cardano can receive – Wave Financial’s recent announcement is a prime example. 

$100M DeFi Fund on Cardano 

Astarter has the backing and support of EMURGO, an early supporter and accelerator of the Cardano ecosystem that recently announced support for the Wave Financial ADA Yield Fund, which has an initial 100M in liquidity provision for DeFi projects.

Astarter’s DeFi Solutions

Astarter is a DeFi ecosystem with several different components working together to augment projects that are building on the Cardano blockchain. Some of the features of these projects have been launched already in beta mode, while others are in development as part of the staged deployment roadmap: 

  • Launchpad: Astarter Launchpad enables projects in development to have a fast financing channel and be identified by the crowd since presale rounds. Projects listed with Astarter Launchpad can benefit from full KYC integration, token sale, governance voting, cross-chain bridge, native token issuance, and more features. 

The beta version of Astarter’s Launchpad allows developers, teams, and projects to easily issue tokens through a single click and raise capital directly on Cardano.

The details of the open beta will be announced on Astarter’s Official Twitter Account, Discord Announcement, Medium Account and Telegram Announcement Channel.

  • Decentralized Exchange (DEX):  Astarter’s DEX (ADEX) offers a comprehensive platform that includes trading, wallets, querying (e.g., price feeds), market displays, and more for projects and users to both trade and understand the projects being built on Cardano. Staking, which will be added later in the roadmap, allows users to generate an APY by leveraging their digital assets while using those digital assets as collateral to help further secure Cardano’s blockchain network. The beta version of the Astarter DEX will be launched in phase 3 of the project road map
  • Money Market: Astarter Money Market is a fully decentralized money market for collateralized borrowing and lending and acts as a medium of exchange. Through smart-contracts digital assets can be offered as collateral for loans.
  • Technical Support Services: The Astarter Tech Service encompasses a range of technical services; oracle, cross-chain bridge, and DAO governance tools that feed into core product functions and enable Astarter’s sophisticated team to offer advanced technical support for other projects launching on Cardano.  

Ecosystem Development is Key to Systematic Growth

Ecological development is a key driver of growth throughout blockchain. 

In the case of Ethereum, its ecosystem has become limited due to the volume of projects getting on board. Additionally, Ethereum’s carbon footprint is egregious, the equivalent energy output of small towns. New projects are looking for alternatives that alleviate the problems experienced by startups who are building on the Ethereum ecosystem. With that said, Cardano is the next likely step where these projects can go if they want a scalable, low cost, and environmentally friendly, sustainable blockchain. 

Astarter is ready to support any DeFi project that builds on Cardano. Astarter’s technical team has a strong development background supported by industry partnerships. Astarter has developed a simple and easy-to-use toolkit with high-demand features such as one-click currency issuance for dApps wanting to launch their projects in the Cardano ecosystem. 

Those features include: 

  • The Open Beta Test of Astarter Launchpad 
  • DEX Beta
  • Money Market Services:
  • Technology Support Services

Support from EMURGO

Additionally, Astarter has the strong support of EMURGO, a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, which has supported Astarter with many resources since the establishment of the project: technological development, R&D consultants, marketing, and funding. EMURGO continues to support the development of the Astarter hub as an important contributor to Cardano’s growing DeFi ecosystem.

Astarter’s Future on Cardano

It is clear that Astarter, as an early participant in smart-contract application development for the Cardano ecosystem, has a bright future that presents exciting opportunities and product releases on the roadmap throughout 2022. And in the near term, Astarter is looking to continue building community, onboarding projects and users to the platform and ecosystem. Astarter is an adaptive development leaning towards a unique and intuitive launch.

Astarter’s Open Beta Launch is an exciting opportunity and time in the history of not only Astarter, but throughout all of Cardano.
The open beta version of the Astarter Launchpad will support 1,000 whitelisted users testing on the Cardano mainnet. All users are invited to apply for whitelisting. Please go to this tweet to apply for Astarter’s test whitelist.

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