Hegemony Ⅱ, the pinnacle masterpiece of the chain game industry, has come out shockingly

Blockchain-based games (“chain games”) have exploded over the past year, and the trend is continuing. Chain Games are popular as they allow users to monetize the time and effort they put into the platform, often combining P2E and GameFi. 

In 2021, chain games, which originally served as a way to generate income for people in developing countries during the new crown epidemic, are still attracting public participation. The “Chain Games Report for the Third Quarter of 2021” shows that the average daily number of independent active wallets (UAWs) in the blockchain industry is 1.54 million, of which 49% involve interactions with chain games. During the same period, in-game NFT collectibles also generated $2.32 billion in sales, accounting for 22% of the industry’s total NFT transaction volume. 

P2E gaming is an important driver of this craze. Through NFTs and native tokens that can be traded in the digital asset market, ChainGame establishes ownership of in-game assets, paving the way for a decentralized gaming economy. The blockchain provides an important cornerstone for the metaverse—interoperable NFT assets that can migrate across different metaverses. 

The difference between chain games and existing games is that they allow players to truly own their game assets. These assets do not stay on the centralized servers of the game marketplace, and players can choose to resell them on third-party marketplaces, or bring them into other compatible games. 

Rapid development of e-sports, 3D e-sports market to be explored

The reason why the professional development of the e-sports industry is so fast today is the large number of user bases brought about by the popularity of e-sports games. Global eSports users have exceeded 1.365 billion. Behind the huge user volume represents the unpredictable market value potential, which attracts a large number of capital markets to join the e-sports industry, thus driving the development of the entire e-sports industry and its surrounding industries.

The professionalization of e-sports itself has taken a big step forward and it is also thanks to users. With the gradual opening of the e-sports market in the past two years, e-sports players have gradually matured in the past few years. In addition to the reference and impact of the market environment, the selection and training of professional players, the operation model of e-sports clubs, and the scale of top-level events are all Go up a level.

Just as the online game market was dominated by 2D games in the early days, with the continuous improvement of technology, hardware, and player demand, 3D games have gradually become the mainstream games in the market. This rule also applies to the e-sports market. The start and development of the e-sports industry, from the earliest Warcraft 3, StarCraft and other products on a global scale, has created a user-level reputation for e-sports, and this year, in terms of game experience and innovation, “League of Legends”, Star products such as DOTA2 have promoted the development of the market. Although e-sports has reached a peak, it has inevitably encountered bottlenecks. At present, 3D competitive games have become the new darling of international e-sports in the market, and more fresh blood needs to be added!

NFT hot market

From NBA star LeBron James’ classic dunk shot, to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first-ever NFT auction of tweets, to crypto artist Beeple’s digital work “Every Day: The First 5,000 Days” auctioned At a high price of US$69.34 million, the two antchain-based payment code NFT skins issued by Alipay and the Dunhuang Institute of Fine Arts have exploded the circle of friends. “Everything can be NFT” has become an iconic Slogan in the encryption community.

Faced with NFT trading platforms such as Opensea, Nfity Gateway, and Rarible, which have already conquered the global market, cryptocurrency exchanges have also begun to deploy their NFT platforms at the beginning of the year.

Since NFT coincides with the attributes of artwork and scarce digital goods, the transaction of rare digital artworks has developed rapidly relying on the technical agreement of the non-fungible token NFT.

The world’s largest NFT trading market, OpenSea, saw a trading volume of $325 million in July, a 118% increase from the previous record-high June trading volume ($149 million) and continued to hit a new record high. The number of NFT transactions and transaction fees in July were 45.77 10,000, 21.78 million US dollars, simultaneously breaking the previous historical records of 211,400 (June) and 10.5 million US dollars (March).

These data show that the NFT market still shows a strong growth trend. The emergence of a large number of new platforms and the entry of traditional Internet companies will provide more possibilities for NFT in the future development.

Hegemony Ⅱ, the pinnacle masterpiece of the chain game industry, has come out shockingly

Large-scale 3D Chain Tour-HEGEMONY Ⅱ is shocking

M·Game, a Korean TOP 10 3D mobile game company, launched “Blood Rivers and Lakes” in China in 2005 and has millions of traditional game users. With a heavy investment of 80 million, nearly hundreds of game engineers have worked hard, and they have been working hard for 3 years to create another peak masterpiece in the chain game field in the big game field. Based on the trinity economic model, rich game scenes, props, trading market, investment market and game ecology have formed a distributed game business economy, which has explored a new path for the large-scale application of Web3.0 business in the next step.

The game mechanism of HEGEMONY Ⅱ is based on the hegemony of Qi, Chu and Wei. We will use the story-based style to open the game chapter, each stage has different styles and gameplay mentioned), which will gradually open as the heroes grow. The game not only has a very rich breeding mechanism and combat mechanism, but also adds unique resource collection, forging gameplay, guild alliance PK gameplay, etc. It is a truly entertaining and challenging large-scale 3D chain game.

Diversified ecological layout leads a new wave in the field of 3D e-sports

“Battle for Hegemony II” aims to become a new star in the full-chain game industry and lead the new trend of the times. Its AR/VR virtual reality high-dimensional space-time eight metaverse spaces:

1. Derivative NFT (divine beasts, props)

2. DeFi aggregators (lending platforms)

3. Swap Pool (Equation 24 H)

4. Iterative version of 3D e-sports game

5. Decentralized exchanges (multi-category tokens)

6. Energy Pool (Hierarchical Algorithm)

7. NTF Exchange (Digital Collection)

8. HD Wallets (SHA256 and cross-chain protocol)

HEGEMONY Ⅱ Large-scale 3D e-sports chain game The huge game kingdom will issue the DAO ecological token-HEGE token (issued on BSC in mid-March 2022, and will be launched on the DEX pancake exchange for the first time, opening up room for automatic market makers) , in which the value brought by any behavior such as game scenes, props, trading market, investment market, and game ecology, in the form of HEGE value circulation, will completely belong to the players themselves. In the future, Supreme HEGE will have an infinite spiral upward space.

HEGEMONY Ⅱ Automatic Market Maker Module

DEX (Decentralized Exchange), as the name suggests, removes all decentralization links from traditional exchanges, from matching to clearing and settlement, and even market making.

Generally speaking, decentralized exchanges are mainly aimed at matching and clearing and settlement. Pure DEX performs both processes on the contract on the chain. Hybrid DEX often adopts on-chain clearing and settlement, off-chain matching through the server or relay layer, and compromises partial centralization to support higher transaction frequency.

For different types of trading objects, DEX can adopt an order book model or an over-the-counter trading model that is suitable for it. Whether it is an order book model or an over-the-counter trading model, the Market Making process is dominated by humans.

There is a special DEX, represented by Uniswap, which automates the market maker (Automated Market Maker) and replaces the manual quotation with the established algorithm, which not only removes the centralized matching and clearing and settlement, but also eliminates the market maker in the transaction. Therefore, it is very popular in the extremely decentralized world.

Before understanding the nature of automated market making DEX, we first need to understand what a market maker is.

Unlike ordinary traders, market makers are risk-neutral, holding stocks in one hand and cash in the other. In the order book mode, both buy and sell orders will be placed, with the spread in the middle. Similarly, over-the-counter market makers make lucrative offers when customers make inquiries.

Market makers are the source of liquidity, and high-liquidity markets require market makers, which in turn will attract large-scale market makers to participate. We often talk about liquidity. What are the characteristics of a market with good liquidity?

A liquid market means you can make a large buy or sell quickly without affecting the current price too much. Intuitively, although the price of a market with good liquidity will fluctuate, the trend is continuous and smooth, and there will be no intermittent gaps.

The ecological kingdom of “Battle for Hegemony II” is not only to build a decentralized virtual game world, but also to bring together diverse application scenarios such as players/investors/game manufacturers/developers/investors. Not only players can design and create Various scenarios and virtual items can also realize virtual interaction carrying the relationship network of identity and wealth, and support the large-scale creation of ecological derivatives into NFT. Through NFTs, the auction and exchange of virtual items can be realized, and more game enthusiasts will participate in the game element. In the space, all participants will gradually understand what is the integration and connection of DAO+NFT+3D game ecology. The game kingdom constructed based on the above latest technologies is bound to break the barriers between the DAO world and the current global game industry. To realize the prosperity of the multi-ecological civilization under the parallel space of the future metaverse.

Immersive metaverse and game combination – Hegemony Ⅱ is coming

The immersive metaverse experience will define the future of chain games. The Metaverse’s ability to achieve immersion relies heavily on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) infrastructures that allow users to experience 3D worlds. 

For example, futuristic augmented reality esports platform HADO is trying to redefine the landscape of esports by making energy balls and shields available to players on the real court. Like tennis, this immersive game uses technology and games to bring people together. 

With the launch of more P2E games and the launch of the new metaverse, the future of the chain game field in 2022 is promising. There are predictions that the Metaverse will be an $800 billion market by 2024 — an unsurprising number. In addition, these 3D worlds, which are superior in both digital presence and interactivity, will also launch a series of their own collectible NFTs and attract thousands of new users to their ecosystem. 

As the P2E field grows, a massive digital infrastructure will be required to run these metaverses and render NFTs with high-quality graphics. 

These metaverses require game servers scattered across distributed nodes in order to scale globally and bring in thousands of new players. Latency in multiplayer games can greatly affect the gaming experience. An evolving metaverse will require a low-latency distributed network to provide uninterrupted, smooth gaming experiences. 

The decentralized cloud computing network HegeMony II is equipped with the infrastructure needed to build a metaverse and a “play and earn” gaming ecosystem. As people embrace the future of an open, decentralized metaverse and game economy, it is very necessary to establish a decentralized computing platform to provide the underlying support. 

2022 3.24 23:00 (UTC+8) Hegemony Ⅱ, the pinnacle of the chain game industry, a simulation metaverse game kingdom is shockingly released!

To join Hegemony Ⅱ, please look for the official channel.

HegeMony II GameFi Official contract:


Official website:http://www.hegemony2.com




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