Harmonious Co-existence· Tongkun· China Fibers Fashion Trends Release Event 2023/2024 wraps up

The release event of the China Fibers Fashion Trends Report for 2023 to 2024, themed on “Harmonious Co-existence” wrapped up at the national convention and exhibition center(Shanghai) China on Mar 28.

The event was co-hosted by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, Donghua University and the China Cotton Textile Industry Association, under the guidance of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

This year, it’s sponsored by Tongkun Group, a Chinese conglomerate specializing in the production and distribution of polyester products.

Over 500 distinguished guests graced the occasion, including He Yaqiong, Director of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Wang Tiankai, former Chairman of the China National Textile and Apparel Council; Xu Kunyuan, former Vice Chairman; Chen Weikang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; Duan Xiaoping, Vice Chairman; Yu Jianyong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Zhu Meifang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chen Xinwei, President of the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association; Zhu Beina, Supervisor of the China Cotton Textile Industry Association; Dong Kuiyong, President; Shen Jiansong, Vice President of Tongkun Group Co., Ltd.; Wang Huaping, Researcher from the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Donghua University, as well as experts and leaders from national departments and various professional associations of the China National Textile and Apparel Council.

” Harmonious Co-existence· Tongkun· China Fibers Fashion Trends Release Event 2023/2024 ” Scene I

“Harmonious Co-existence· Tongkun· China Fibers Fashion Trends Release Event 2023/2024 ” Scene II

The report which adheres to the principles of innovation, green practices, low-carbon operations, and environmental protection, has seen a successful run of 11 editions to date. 

Its release event annually showcases the latest, cutting-edge, and internationally leading chemical fiber varieties and products and communicates them to downstream manufacturers, thereby introducing them to end consumers. That creates a guiding beacon that connects both ends of the industry, setting the trend for the sector.

Each year it brings together multidimensional professionals such as well-known designers, artists, and authoritative media, presenting a highly ornamental and artistic “fiber fashion show”.

Static exhibition area at the Harmonious Co-existence· Tongkun· China Fibers Fashion Trends Release Event 2023/2024

Connecting to international new trends, authoritative release of the latest fiber/yarn fashion trends of the season

This year, the event has showcased the release of 30 new popular fiber varieties in four major chapters, namely, Fiber-Greenery, Fiber-Comfort, Fiber-Unbounded, and Fiber-Innovative.

The wide range of types include biobased chemical fibers, solution-dyed chemical fibers, antibacterial fibers, temperature-sensitive fibers, and high-performance carbon fibers.

It offers comprehensive insights into the frontiers of fiber technology and application, providing downstream enterprises with trend guidance for future fabric selection.

It also illustrates the endless possibilities of fibers in fashionable lifestyles, promoting the integration of fibers with the environment and technology.

Harmonious Co-existence· Tongkun· China Fibers Fashion Trends Release Event 2023/2024 Releases Fiber Images

With the theme of “Harmonious Coexistence”, the event highlights the harmony between the world and human body, while emphasizing the coexistence of nature and technology. Harmony and coexistence are critical in the current era of embracing diversity and pursuing shared development. The chemical fiber industry in China strives to develop through seeking common ground while reserving differences, providing solutions for development challenges, and contributing Chinese wisdom to realize aspirations for a better life worldwide.

Additionally, the event presented special awards for the “Best Annual Cooperative Partner Award” to 24 companies in the green fiber and scientific and technological innovation groups. These awards affirmed the deep cooperation and collaborative innovation achievements of both upstream and downstream enterprises, while jointly promoting the high-quality development of the textile industry.

As an extension of the fiber trend, 30 new yarn varieties focusing respectively on green ecology, functional innovation, quality craftsmanship, and visual fashion were also unveiled on the occasion, which underscored the significance of producing yarns that are environmentally friendly, functional, of high quality, and stylish.

“Emptiness Prevails over Existence”: Traditional Chinese Aesthetics Shines Light on the Beauty of Fibers.

The event has invited Zhang Turan, an established fashion designer among the post-90s generation, to present the fashion show “Emptiness Prevails over Existence”.

The show’s composition skillfully blended profound Chinese cultural heritage with the latest design concepts, showcasing a distinctive Chinese aesthetic and a bold, captivating spirit. The show highlighted the triumph of formless over formed, bringing to life the historical and cultural significance of Chinese fibers, and their continued evolution in contemporary times.

New Chinese Style Fashion Show Part One of “Emptiness Prevails over Existence”

New Chinese Style Fashion Show Part Two of “Emptiness Prevails over Existence”

New Chinese Style Fashion Show Part Three of “Emptiness Prevails over Existence”

New Chinese Style Fashion Show Part Four of “Emptiness Prevails over Existence”

Zhang Turan, the youngest Chinese designer invited to showcase his work at New York Fashion Week, has made a mark on the international fashion stage. He skillfully blends traditional Chinese handicrafts such as Su embroidery, Ping embroidery, Panjin silk, and Yun brocade with his bold, elegant, and individualistic cutting-edge designs, creating a contemporary interpretation of ancient embroidery. Every stitch, thread, weave, embroidery, cut, and trim represents a cultural inheritance across time and space, while also expressing modernity.

New Chinese Style Fashion Show Part Five of “Emptiness Prevails over Existence”

New Chinese Style Fashion Show Part Six of “Emptiness Prevails over Existence”

Designer Zhang Turan took a bow with a group photo.

The fashow show’s spatial concept is bold and avant-garde, promoting the integration and coexistence of humans and nature.

To convey the theme of “harmony and coexistence,” the event integrates the stage and ground seamlessly. The traditional T-stage has been sunken into the ground, with a green grass fiber floor creating an immersive show. Computer lighting programming technology have been used to create high-end, international aesthetics that coexists with nature. Consequently, the audience becomes part of the show, traversing time and space with the models and experiencing a resonance beyond the visual realm.

The Fashion Show’s Spatial Design

Design Deeply Linked with Green: Tongkun Eco-Fabric Custom Show Clothing Shines at the Exhibition

Over recent years, the fashion industry and consumer market have embraced the new topics of low-carbon environmental protection and recycling, with major brands fulfilling their social responsibility as global citizens.

This year, G Gallery designed the “Tongkun Green Fiber Dress” for Kuntong Group, with black and orange fabrics serving as the base. The dress made an appearance at the release event of the fiber trend report, where it showcased a deep connection and mutual empowerment between fashion design and green fiber.

Sketch of Tongkun’s eco-friendly high-end fashion design

Tongkun’s eco-friendly high-end fashion gown

The show marks the start of a new era after twelve eventful years. Despite the pandemic, the show returned to the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, offering a magnificent display of fiber fashion that flawlessly blends traditional Chinese culture, modern aesthetics, nature, Eastern beauty, and cutting-edge technology. Through this multifaceted event, the exquisite beauty and significance of fiber are showcased, paying homage to cultural heritage and global diversity, while embodying the theme of “harmonious co-existence”.

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