As the rapid development of global digital assets, people are more aware of investment. In the traditional investment exchange market, the in-person transaction is short of discipline and precision; inexperienced investors are deficient in expertise and manageability; human factors, such as greed, fear, and fluke mind, tend to trigger huge property loss; complicated transaction rules frighten many investors. That leads to the consequence that investment becomes the tool for a handful of people to acquire wealth. Simply put, most users cannot become means of exchange of the capital market nor take investment as their own profession, faced by malicious operations of fake peer-to-peer platforms found in the market; tremendous monopoly by capital giants, as well as peaks and bands in the general market.


Overall guard with the Integrated Function

Facing multiple shortcomings of the traditional exchange market, Ganges-1, a new smart robot jointly developed by technological personnel from Groups ORACLE & ECE, helps users realize profits in a convenient, fast and stable manner, while ensuring fund security. The skills of reaction flexibility and risk management are beyond professional minds and experience when encountering the market change. The robot is able to dexterously capture the market trend promptly through modeling and algorithm and then immediately make the decision of investment and execute transactions. Meanwhile, it creates investment portfolio in a bid to maximize profits and avoid excessive losses when suffering a loss. At the same time, Ganges-1 provides investors with investment strategies that feature no threshold, low cost, high efficiency and quality. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence will undergo the continuous development in tune with models and data built on the basis of market bands and adapt to uncertain driven factors of the market. The method of utilizing the robot in financial transactions can steer clear of problems of human weakness, The robot buys low and sells high all day long and supervises your funds all year long. One click to switch on the bot so that you will no longer fret about the sharp drop or latency. You will be able to obtain passive income. The R&D team unremittingly optimizes investment strategies. As a result, Ganges-1 can better fend off risks, reap profits and therefore be easier to use.

Automated solutions reduce business risk

Ganges-1 assists the CoE department to unleash values of automation, helps ORACLE for rapid promotion in the digital asset field by managing four stages of demand, namely discovery, design, testing and operation & maintenance, based on the around-the-clock manageability catered to the automated demand. Meanwhile, Ganges-1 helps staffs form demand instruction document and standardized homework procedure in a timely manner, with the combination of work procedures of AI technical analysis personnel. Hence, opportunities related to automation can be discovered from the bottom up. ORACLE initiates the smart application based on mobile terminal, when it comes to complex business procedures, including plenty of intermittent and crucial artificial decision nodes, and it can react to the most complex business rules. The robot is allowed to actively prompt users for  manual input if necessary, through placing rules in the automated procedure. Therefore, it can realize the automation characterized by complexity and long procedure. Ganges-1 can not only comprehensively manage, dispatch and oversee robots from different positions, but also ensure them to execute procedures and tasks efficiently and smoothly. Based on the state-of-the-art algorithm, it can further reduce business risks as well via seeing through the whole business procedures, collecting robot data, diagnosing in a timely manner, forecasting the trend, supervision and warning.

Digitized transformation is the inevitable choice for future enterprises, against the backdrop of global digitized revolution. The transformation and upgrade progress in an active, systematic and comprehensive way in order to meet demands of ORACLE & ECE’s survival and development as well as the market change, under the condition of digital economy. As Gartner foresees, enterprises will have cut operation costs by 30% by 2024 when the re-designed operation procedure is combined with the super-automated technology gathered by RPA, IBMPS, AI, and AA. On the process of digitized transformation, Ganges-1 and the super-automated solution centered on RPA not merely provides users with strategic direction combined with company-level frames and technological innovation, but also with terminal-to-terminal products and implementation paths. You will grasp the opportunity to obtain wealth in the age of financial trend.

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