Four Leaf Clover Charity Fund keeps good deeds on the rise

“Sowing kindness to reduce poverty, achieve others, make kindness more powerful”, “help the poor, do good deeds in the world”, “create a better future together”… These are what Four Leaf Clover Charity Fund has always engraved in their hearts and practiced. They are sincere, kind, sunny, and tenacious, creating a strong atmosphere for “everyone can be charitable, and charity is for everyone”.

Philanthropy is an important symbol of the progress of social civilization. A city needs not only towering high-rise buildings, but also spiritual buildings that promote goodness. In recent years, Four Leaf Clover Charity Fund’s social charitable power has developed rapidly, and its charitable role has become prominent. The charitable ecological environment has continued to improve, and good deeds are constantly rising at Four Leaf Clover Charity Fund.

The development and growth of social charitable forces

A series of numbers testify to the Four Leaf Clover Charity Fund’s philanthropic path. In the past 15 years, 5,000 offline charity studios have been established around the world to organize charitable personnel to carry out charitable assistance activities; the organization has grown to a scale of 400,000 people, and has helped more people in need through the unity of charity-loving people around the world. ; The cumulative amount of charitable donations has reached hundreds of millions of dollars, helping the global region through agricultural technology support, industrial production and infrastructure construction.

Historical Charity Review: On May 2, 2008, Cyclone Nargis made landfall at the estuary of the Irrawaddy River in the south of Yangon, Myanmar with considerable intensity. Millions of people were affected, and 2.8 million US dollars were raised to rescue the affected areas; January 2011 On March 12, the earthquake in Haiti killed 300,000 people; on March 11, 2011, the earthquake with a magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale raised 1.9 million US dollars to support the people in the disaster area; in 2014, 8 of the 13 states in Malaysia suffered floods, more than 250,000 victims, four-leaf clover donated a total of 1.2 million US dollars for flood relief, disease prevention and control, post-disaster house construction and resettlement of victims; The fire lasted for half a year, and the rescue amount was as high as 3.03 million US dollars; after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in the world in 2020, 46 million medical masks and 40,000 sets of protective clothing were raised from international charity organizations and sent to Beijing, China for support; February 2022 On the 24th, the Ukrainian-Russian War began. The members of the “Four Leaf Clover Charity Fund” organized themselves to raise $1.2 million in living materials and $2.7 million in medical supplies to support the war zone.

Four Leaf Clover Charity Fund keeps good deeds on the rise

Their charitable projects and voluntary services have expanded from traditional help to the poor and needy to multi-field needs, covering poverty alleviation, education and education, medical and health care, culture and sports, science and technology, entrepreneurship and employment, helping the elderly and the disabled, maternal and child welfare, and youth development. , community governance, convenience services and many other fields, charitable footprints are all over the world, participating in international charitable actions, and charitable achievements are brilliant.

Philanthropy becomes increasingly prominent

A city is warm because of charity; a city is happy because of public welfare. No matter in helping poverty alleviation, or participating in epidemic prevention and control and emergency disaster relief and other actions, Four Leaf Clover Charity Fund has burst out with great power. Philanthropy is colorful, and charitable forces, especially charitable organizations, should continue to expand public welfare projects while assisting in epidemic prevention and control, emergency relief, etc. The trickle-down flows into the sea, the charitable power and charitable deeds of Leaf Clover Charity Fund are a highlight in the magnificent picture of economic and social development.

Charity ecological environment continues to improve

The growth of “small saplings” into “big trees” is inseparable from the nutrition of the soil and the nourishment of rain, and the development of philanthropy is also the same. In order to gather the power for good, the Leaf Clover Charity Fund has been continuously exploring and planting fertile soil for charity. It has always escorted the original intention of charity and the mission of public welfare, and guided and encouraged all kinds of charitable organizations to make precise connections and efforts in poverty alleviation, epidemic prevention and control, and other aspects of people’s livelihood security, giving full play to their own expertise and targeted To carry out public welfare and charity projects, and make every effort to make the projects special and refined; strengthen the construction of charitable organizations, and improve the comprehensive supervision system of charitable organizations.

Leaf Clover Charity Fund has been creating a good environment for the healthy development of philanthropy, and has also allowed the seeds of philanthropy to bloom everywhere. At Leaf Clover Charity Fund, a group of people are using practice to prove that everyone can be charitable, and everyone’s charity will bring more, more direct and more tangible sense of gain, happiness and security to everyone.

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