Fintoch Advances into Southeast Asia and Announces Public Chain Roadshow

As the bear market prolongs and centralized exchanges crash, the crypto investment market is having a very tough time. However, right at this time, Fintoch, a DeFi platform from North America, has hosted its launch in Asia Pacific. During the conference, Fintoch’s Global President of Operations, William Thompson not only announced the comprehensive launch of the Southeast Asia market but also unveiled Fintoch’s next series of plans, which can be described as rising against the trend and allowing users to experience the excitement of decentralized finance.

Fintoch Advances into Southeast Asia and Announces Public Chain Roadshow

The recent launch event of Fintoch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has attracted the attention of many crypto enthusiasts and crypto asset investors in the Asia Pacific region. William shared the recent significant milestones of Fintoch during the session. The successful events including 100 Cities and 100 Stations, Million Dollar Airdrop Financial Voucher and Hackathon have made the Fintoch supporters and community users in the audience very excited and looking forward to Fintoch’s subsequent development.

During the event, William went on to announce Fintoch’s next roadshow itinerary in Asia. Starting in December, he will be touring from Bangkok (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia), Nha Trang (Vietnam), New Delhi (India), Jeju Island (South Korea), Dubai, Tokyo (Japan) and all the way to Singapore, holding large-scale events in key cities in the Asia Pacific region to promote Fintoch’s Financial Public Chain plan to all users in the region.

It is reported that Fintoch has invested considerable manpower and funds in developing a new generation of financial public chains and the Fintoch Public Chain will naturally support cross-chain, payment and other basic functions. In the future, Fintoch even plans to build a new decentralized financial ecosystem based on the foundation of a public chain, which is not only expected to help people to get rid of their dependence on the centralized ecosystem but also will continue to link both online and offline economies to achieve virtual and reality integration. It is speculated that this move will be a major breakthrough in the fintech process.

The latest news indicates that Fintoch’s Financial Public Chain will begin its internal testing phase at the end of December and will be opened for Fintoch’s community members to experience on a priority basis. Fintoch has been promoting the concept of “Contacting Finance, Enjoying Finance” to its users and has achieved convenient and secure decentralized lending and investment via Fintoch platform, which is highly anticipated by experts in the crypto industry. The future of Fintoch Financial Public Chain will further lower the threshold of use, enabling more people to enjoy the convenience of finance and bringing more progress to the world.

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