FEC reaches strategic cooperation with Amazon, Jointly promote a new model of Internet e-commerce in Indonesia

According to a number of news reports such as the US Business News Network and the Wall Street Journal, the global Internet e-commerce giant Amazon has reached a strategic cooperation with FEC (Future E-commerce).

FEC is an Internet e-commerce company established only 3 years ago, its seller cooperation model, is currently very innovative in the global e-commerce field, after rapid development and accumulation in Europe and the Americas, since 2023, its promotion speed into the Asian market is also very rapid. According to data, from February to October 2023, FEC’s user data in Indonesia has reached 2 million. According to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, this is a very amazing data, he said that FEC has a strong Internet promotion ability, which is also one of the important reasons why Amazon chose to cooperate with FEC

For the details of the cooperation, first of all, for the Indonesian market, Amazon will establish a joint venture with FEC. The two parties will leverage each other’s strengths to jointly optimize the new company’s business model. Ensure a more stable and rapid promotion of FEC’s new e-commerce cooperation model.

What kind of effect will the cooperation between the Internet e-commerce giant and the dark horse of the Internet e-commerce business community will have, and what new opportunities this new type of cooperation company will bring to FEC store owners, let us look forward to it together.

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