Favoured By the Investment Market, Firevip Has Won Venture Capital Of $20 Million From Yukki

As the hottest app in Nigeria, Firevip has just announced that it has received an investment of $20 million from Yukki. According to conservative estimates, the platform is currently valued at $200 million, and Firevip says that this round of financing will be used to continue to strengthen the platform, increase its benefits, and benefit both the users and itself.

Firevip is constantly innovating and making breakthroughs in the competition with many similar competitors, creating automated advertising machines that bring users the most efficient way to make money, and therefore, its market share is also successfully at the top of the list of similar products.

“Safety, efficiency and automation” are the features of Firevip. Thanks to the long-term cooperation between Firevip and Facebook, users can automatically watch ads with a single click on the advertising machine to earn promotional bonuses from Facebook! What’s more reassuring is that the platform has successfully obtained the US MSB licence, which guarantees the safety of funds and allows users to gain earnings more securely and efficiently!

At present, more than 1.2 million users have registered Firevip, with a total turnover of hundreds of millions of dollars. The platform’s various welfare activities and task earnings have enabled countless users to earn high rewards. With the top-notch technology, strong user base, and huge market potential, Firevip has become the most popular money-making platform, which is the unique feature that attracts venture capital for Firevip.

Click the link to see: http://firevip.com/

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