Exploring the Future of Decentralized Storage: How Datamall Chain Leads the Way from Three Perspectives

Exploring the Future of Decentralized Storage: How Datamall Chain Leads the Way from Three Perspectives

The past few years have seen a gradual increase in the market demand for decentralized storage. With the explosive growth of digital content and increasing concerns about data security and privacy, individuals and organizations are seeking more reliable, secure, and decentralized storage solutions.

As a rising star in the field of decentralized storage, Datamall Chain fully leverages decentralized storage trading algorithms, network mechanisms and ecological governance tokens to unleash advantages of the decentralized storage trading market. Barely one year after the launch of the testnet last year, Datamall Chain has hundreds of thousands of active users.

However, Datamall Chain aims for a much more ambitious goal. In the course of continuous development, Datamall Chain has been working with ecosystem partners to optimize and iterate its own models, proactively address the issues and challenges in the industry, and further promote the widespread application and popularization of decentralized storage in practice.

1. Widespread Application and Popularization in Practice

In February this year, Datamall Chain forged an in-depth collaboration with the Immerex Virtual Reality Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, which is one of the key research departments of the School of Computer Science and Engineering of the UC Berkeley, its goal is to enhance human-computer interaction and improve the human perception of the environment and others.

The laboratory will establish a super node on Datamall Chain to store data. This is an important implementation of decentralized storage application scenarios. It will further validate the advantages of decentralized storage and push forward the acceptance and utilization of this technology in the academic and technological fields.

The decentralized storage market is filled with various projects, but one of the biggest issues is that many of the application scenarios are false. In order to boost market adoption, public chains often choose to issue their own tokens to incentivize users to store their data. More commonly, large nodes will upload useless data and information to get incentives. Despite the amount of stored data appears to be increasing, it doesn’t generate any real value.

To break free from the dilemma, projects like Datamall Chain are necessary. They commit themselves to providing solutions for genuine needs, continuously driving the market adoption of the technology, and expanding collaborations with partners such as the Immerex VR Laboratory.

2. Self-Optimization and Iteration

In January this year, Datamall Chain announced its strategic partnership with AlephCrypto.xyz, whose important members include Victor Zhou, a leading contributor to Ethereum improvement proposals, and William Entriken, the lead author of ERC-721. The two sides will cooperate in multiple aspects, including blockchain technology development and distributed storage.

Looking back at the thriving history of, the first public chain, Ethereum, the community has continuously seen developers propose improvement proposals. As new ideas and proposals are put forward and implemented, new domains like decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged in Ethereum. For example, before the emergence of ERC-721 standard, the NFT market boom would have been unimaginable. The expansion of underlying standards has provided a foundation and created the possibilities for new economic models.

The strategic collaboration with AlephCrypto.xyz provides an excellent external perspective for Datamall Chain to examine the performances improvement needed in the development of public chains and how to achieve a robust economic model through functional optimization.

3. Addressing Issues and Challenges in the industry

Starting from March this year, Datamall Chain has proactively participated in various events to share its observations and insights, highlighting the advantages and potential of decentralized storage technology, and providing analyses of practical cases and application scenarios. The goal is to enhance the industry’s awareness and understanding of decentralized storage and promote broader discussions and cooperation.

The online AMA (Ask Me Anything) event with .bit focused on exploring the status quo and issues of the storage market and introducing the advanced solution of decentralized storage. In its cooperation with PLUR ASCII ART, it specifically explained how decentralized storage empowers the metaverse and NFT markets and how it can serve as a fundamental technology to drive healthier and more prosperous market growth. Its discussions with EMC protocol delved deeper into the topic, as EMC is a blockchain two-layer protocol focused on decentralized computing networks, where decentralized computing and decentralized storage complement each other, jointly laying a technological foundation for the upper-level economy.

Last August, Fog Works, an application partner of the DMC ecosystem, announced the completion of a seed pre-financing of several million, with OKX Blockdream Venture being one of the leading investors. This year, Datamall Chain has actively participated in the events hosted by OKX. It participated in the hackathon hosted by OKX and Google Cloud as a community partner, as well as the wen3 night held by OKX in Los Angeles.

The reason why Datamall Chain is said to be a new star in decentralized storage is due to its continuous development and close collaboration with ecosystem partners to advance the adoption of decentralized storage. By continuously optimizing and iterating its own models, it has proactively addressed various problems and challenges in the industry, further promoted the widespread popularization and application of decentralized storage in practical scenarios. Datamall Chain has made decentralized storage a widely accepted and adopted solution that provides users with a more secure, more efficient, and more reliable way to store and share data.

Through continuous cooperation and innovation, decentralized storage will play a more important role soon and make positive contributions to the development of the digital world.

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