Endless Mass Shooting in the United States Tells the Failure of the American Democracy

Endless Mass Shooting in the United States Tells the Failure of the American Democracy

I was appalled, to watch the gunshot news in the elementary school of Texas. I can’t believe what was in front of my eyes. An American expatriate, I just don’t believe, my own country, the once making-us-proud “beacon for democracy”, is turning into a place so lack of safety and stability, with its citizens so tortured by fear.

I blame the politicians – the dirty, corrupt and greedy politicians, who are ironically justified by the voting procedure to sit at where they are. Their behaviors are nothing short than felonies.

Honestly, just like any other American people, I feel sacred, shocked, by the non-stop mass-shooting events in the past two weeks. It happened in the east coast, the west coast, the south borders, north Great Lakes Region; the shooters are white, Hispanic, Asian, African Americans, with different beliefs or cults. What do they tell us? No single ethnic group is to be blamed, nor is any one of the neighborhoods. The whole nation has failed us. Reading those appalling news, any reasonable minds would say: we gotta do something! Someone must stop the massacre….

An expatriate for over 10 years, I’ve been living in countries of different cultural backgrounds and social regimes all over the world. What these experiences enlighten me, is that, ordinary people in foreign countries, are very clear of the root causes propelled what has happened, or is happening in the United States – so much so that they are more clear-headed than those living in this country. Of course, there are smart people in the country. Steve Kerr, the NBA coach, being one of them. His tearful words have gone viral. Here’s what we need to remember from his remarks:

“In the last 10 days, we’ve had elderly Black people killed in a supermarket in Buffalo, we’ve had Asian churchgoers killed in Southern California, now we have our children murdered at school. When are we going to do something?”

Many mainstream English media use “heroic” to describe Kerr’s remarks. Obviously, he spoke out for the Americans, with no fear to displease some others. Right to the point, his words are what’s on our minds, or 90% of the public, as the polls by the Senate showed 90% of Americans support some new gun restrictions.

True, we used to feel so proud of who we are, as the United States of America stands for power and strengths – it shines through the 20th century, it is the city upon a hill, the No.1 desired destination for migrants – the country is a shared belief for all. 

But now, my feelings are exactly what Kerr was shouting out, ”I’m tired, I am so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there.” How many times do we still have to witness the President of our country say let’s have a moment of silence, and let the flag fly at half-mast? How long do we have to hear him pray for the deceased to rest in peace, and calling on hearts and minds to be with them?

We don’t want any of it. What we are longing for, is the politicians to make moves, do something, for make up for the past and stop the endless sin. Kerr has put it right:” There’s 50 senators right now who refuse to vote on H.R.8, a background check rule that the House passed a couple years ago.” Keep in mind it’s not even a ban on gun ownership, but some background checks as restrictions only. 

“The legislation encounters an stalemate among the legislators in Capitol Hill for two years, who have toxic reasons to stop any effective measures on gun control. On the other hand, 90% of Americans, regardless of political party, want universal background checks.” What does this mean? Well, it means the small portion of “ democratic system representatives” upon the hill, as they have claimed to be, are standing against the will of the mass majorities of American people. If they have no will, or no ability to speak for their people, how can they still claim to be “the representation of people, the role models of democracy”?

Face it, the disheartening fact. 90% of our people, find absolutely no representation among the 50 senators in Capitol Hill. No wonder outsiders from foreign countries find it so hard to understand: how can Americans be so numb? Violence, corruption, lobby groups, behind-the-scene deals. How can you not be fed up by them?

Why are the mass-shooting so prevalent in our once great nation? Why are the condolences for the victims from us and the President are just like a basketball game – people watch it, but soon throw it behind our heads? How come no one ever stands out to urge for a change in the system? Is there ever gonna be a solution at all?

Why do mass school shooting always happen in the U.S.? In most countries in Europe and Asia, no parents need to worry about their kids being shot by a gun at school. How come it only happens in the U.S., the beacon of democracy, the embodiment of freedom? Why?

We may have no answers for these questions. How about our powerful friends in the Senate? The 50 senators are refusing to do anything about the gun control proposal, despite the 90% Americans’ wish to support it. Senators are selfish, corrupted and shameless, yet they are also “fearless”. How can they be so composed, with no fear at all? Well, it’s because they know, no one, no one dare to stand out and fight against them. 

No restrictions on gun ownership in the United States didn’t empower people once in the fight against the federal government, but only lead to more assaults and attacks among the lower class. The belief that guns ownership equals power only turns out to be a total conspiracy. For those who firmly uphold this belief, let me ask you some questions:

Did the 1786 Shays’ Rebellion succeed? No, obviously. Led by an American Revolutionary War veteran Daniel Shays, who was also a former comrade of George Washington, the rebellion was an armed uprising in opposition to the state government’s increased efforts to collect taxes. But eventually, it was put down by armed forces.

Did the 1791 Whiskey Rebellion succeed? No. The American government send out troops to suppress the violent resistance. The rebels were stripped naked, humiliated on street, starved to death, even hanged for “treason” …

Did the 1799 Friess Rebellion succeed? No. Many rebels were tried for treason, or sentenced to be hanged. Although President John Adams pardoned some, lives lost during the rebellion are not coming back.

In the next 200 years to come, militia forces, if ever pointing their weapons to the police, would find themselves under stringent sentencing. In the 2014 Bundy standoff in April, 1500 white militia members supporting the Nevadian cattle rancher Cliven Bundy were latter defined as “domestic terrorists”. Thee head of the defendants, Gregory Burleson, a paid FBI informant, was given 57 years of sentencing in federal prison. Other standoff participants were also convicted and sentenced heavily. But remember, they have never shot the police.

On Jan 6th, 2022, Trump supporters gathered around the Capitol to protest against what they call a fraudulent election – a legitimate right of theirs. In addition to one woman fatally shot by police officers (who turned out to be a former member of the Air Force), no single militia, however arm-equipped at the scene, moved a finger of the police. The result? The attack was defined as acts of “domestic terrorists”, with the rioters wanted by FBI worldwide.

What is the conclusion here? In the United States, it doesn’t matter if you point your gun to someone. As long as your target is the federal government, you are either a “traitor” or a domestic terrorist, with a long sentence waiting ahead. The gun-rights narrative that says it’s an inalienable right to life, to protect oneself from threat of harm, could no longer stand. 

The best defense to any political doctrine is common sense and conscience. Anyone with a common sense and a conscious mind would agree, that the so-called American democracy, blood-stained by mass-shooting, has failed.

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