ECPS Nuggets Tour – Global synchronous cross-time and space product evaluation

In 1977, the United States launched a voyage. The probe carried a copper-plated laser record called “Voice of the Earth”, which included hundreds of images, natural sounds,greetings in55 human languages…   Humans expect it to encounter extraterrestrial life during the long years of drifting in the universe, and it is about human civilization.

On December 12, 2021, ECPS and Traveler of the United States began their journey to the metacosm, officially moving toward the  metacosm, and COP became the carrier of the virtual world and the physical world economy.

In order to enhance the ecPS user experience, ECPS U.S. headquarters has made another initiative, the establishment of the “ECPS Global Synchronized Trans-Time and Space Product Evaluation Conference.” In addition to the small editor, ECPS also invited 20 evaluators from various industries around the world, with 50% new users and 50%without a technicalbackground. I completed the system assessment as carefully as all the evaluators and wrote down the pertinent evaluation for the use of the system and the use of feelings.

ECPS Nuggets Tour – Global synchronous cross-time and space product evaluation

(Login action chart)

Mr. Mario of ECPS once said that “COP is wealth, money, ECPS is the nugget perpetuator installed in mobile phones”, small editors every day are seriously logged in to earn COP, hoping to achieve their own wealth freedom, have their own meta-universe (above is a small series of login process).

(COP gets action map for free)

ECPS is user friendly to every user and gives us free COP every day. I’ve paid special attention to the pick-up rules: new users receive 2 free of charge per day for 50 consecutive days. So I’ve been collecting it for free every day for 26 days in a row, and it’s helped me build up my wealth quickly, which is just like getting paid for it for free. As experience officer, I asked Mr. CTO  PHilip the question “Why do users sign up for free and get COP for free?” ”

Mr. Philip’s answer is simple and atmospheric: “We’re doing this for the simple purpose of giving more ordinary people the ability to create wealth and the opportunity to change their fortunes.” ”

(Mobile computer force to get the operation diagram).

A  friend of Bach’s from Germany asked the question “How does ECPS create wealth through computer power on a mobile phone?” ”。

Mr. PHilip: We all know that octopuses are full of neurons, with only 40% of the neurons in their brains, and the remaining 60% are spread across eight legs, a structure very similar to the distributed architecture of the central cloud and the edge cloud. Edge computing system is such a magic octopus, can turn the phone into a server, to provide us with computing power.  “Then he led us to click on the “COP get rate” (mobile phone calculation to get the operation diagram), in this interface can see the CPU, memory, disk situation of the phone, and then click on “next step” to see the calculation of the specific situation.

Bach: That’s great, just install a software and my phone becomes a server.

Mr. PHilip also tells us that rate calculations are calculated on a daily basis, starting the get rate feature every 24 hours by clicking on “COP Get Rate”. The goal is to add value to the player’s COP every day and earn revenue every day. To help users record accurate startup times, as you can see, we have a timer on the page

Urica, from Canada, is a brand new user who asks Mr. PHilip, on behalf of new users, a question everyone wants to know” “Is there any other reward besides getting COP for free every day?”

(Pledge operation diagram)

Mr. PHilip put his phone on the big screen and replied:

In order to create more opportunities for users to obtain COP, we have developed COP pledge function. What is a pledge? Pledges are the same as keeping money in a bank, which gives us interest. When you have 1000 COP you can start pledging, of course you can pledge more, 10000, 100,000 are all available, this is your freedom. Different devices and different communities generate different gas costs, so different benefits are generated, and we can calculate our own benefits through simulators.

Gas charges incurred during the pledge process are variable and the conditions for the change vary depending on the calculation weight and community rating factor provided by the customer’s mobile hardware.  As you can see from the simulator calculation (operation illustration 6.1), your current phone is LV9, and if you want more rewards with the same community level, you can pledge with a more powerful phone, such as the LV13’s mobile device.

(Pledge record operation diagram)

After the pledge, your background will produce a pledge record, this record is the pledge voucher, equivalent to the bank deposit voucher, this voucher records all the information of the pledge, because ECPS unique calculation method has super security, you can rest assured that your COP is very safe.

William, who is here in the UK, asks, “How can I raise the level of the community?”

Mr. PHilip: To strengthen community building and encourage more people to participate in outreach,ECPS uses multisertine linear release. The proceeds from each pledge are divided into personal income, recommended community income, and community income according to the user’s business relationship. Everyone can get the benefit of the referrer through the recommendation behavior, everyone belongs to the community, the improvement of the community’s calculation increases the individual’s income, but also reduces the loss of gas fee. The amount of pledged output fluctuates according to community development, with fewer participating pledge equipment, an increase in output and, conversely, a decrease.

(Community Action Map) (Share, Promote Action Map)

There are two ways to expand the community: sharing and promotion. The community can be upgraded to a maximum of three stars through sharing and promotion, and gets an additional 20% of the effort if it becomes a Samsung community. Sharing and promoting is the easiest way to get a COP, with 5 opportunities a day to share it with social friends. Promotion and sharing are similar, but with different audiences and channels. Sharing is shared with a friend via social media over the Internet, and the promotion is aimed at contacts in mobile communications.

Lucy, a friend at the scene, asked all of us the most important question: “We use ECPS to realize the dream of wealth, COP how to realize?” ”

PHilipMr. Sir led us through the following:

(COP wallet operation diagram)

If we want COP to cash out, first click on the menu, then select COP Wallet, enter the wallet has two options one is transfer, one is the collection. If you want to cash out the COP, then choose to transfer the transfer, paste the exchange address into the collection address, and then enter the amount you want to cash out, click to confirm that you can, a single transfer is not less than 100 COP. If you want to make cash into a COP, earn a pledge bonus, or use it to expand ECPSWORLD, click Collection, which is paid in two ways, one is to share it with someone else to let someone else deposit it, and the other is to copy and paste your link to the exchange through the exchange deposit, regardless of which way each transaction needs to be deducted 20 COP as a miner’s fee.

(Transfer, collection operation chart)

A friend named Arn, who operates the transfer withdrawal function and puts the action picture on the forum, says it’s as exciting as mobile banking and as convenient as a swipe card.


At the end of the meeting, a friend named Gary wrote such an internal assessment, “This evaluation meeting, I feel the ECPS respect for users and the importance, intentions, self-confidence of the product.” In such an epidemic raging, with ECPS do not need to go out to work, I am free to do every day want to do things, how happy ah, I believe ECPS will change my wealth and life, I am really glad ECPS chose me to do internal inspector. “This passage deeply touched the small editor, looking back at history, the wheels of the times never stopped, we can only keep saving wealth to look up at the stars looking down on the earth, but this outbreak disrupted our pace, in the case of high economic inflation, ECPS is our best choice.”


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