Dyson Sphere Metaverse Based on Liu Cixin’s Dyson Sphere Set to Release NFT Collection

Dyson Sphere Metaverse Based on Liu Cixin’s Dyson Sphere Set to Release NFT Collection

1. Current status of Metaverse products

2021 is considered to be the most popular year of the Metaverse, and a large number of Web3 Metaverse products have been launched one after another. Currently, as many as 90% of the Web3 metaverse products that have been released or are in development neither meet the needs of current players and creators nor lack continuous operation and scalability.

It was thought that after the cold start of publicity and the launch of the demo which brought the first few waves of users and developers, under the continuous efforts of the project team, a positive cycle can be established which attracts more partners to build and more players to take part, socialize, and create. But, the narratives of the platforms only stop at the fact that players and creators take part in the construction of the metaverse without barriers. It can’t persist in retention.

To this day, first-line web3 metaverse products such as Sandbox and Decentraland are still unable to resolve the ongoing predicament – the lack of users leads to the scarcity of creators. At the same time, without high-quality content, user growth cannot be achieved.

2. Dyson Sphere Metaverse, Liu Cixin’s grand blueprint

If you are a sci-fi fan, you must stay up late to read the Three-Body Problem. If you are an ordinary audience, you must remember the hit movie Wandering Earth. The creator of these two works is Liu Cixin.

Liu Cixin’s Chinese fans affectionately refer to him as Daliu. In 1999, he published his first article in Science Fiction World. After ten years of precipitation, he published the sci-fi novel Three-Body Problem. Once published, the work promoted a strong response from readers. In 2015, Three-Body Problem was nominated for the Nebula Award, deemed the highest honor in science fiction.

In the same year, the work won the Hugo Award for Best Novel issued by the World Science Fiction Conference. Da Liu became the first Asian to win the Hugo Award. It is also an important step for Chinese science fiction to go abroad to the world!

So far, Three-Body Problem has been translated into more than 30 languages and has sold over 2,000,000 copies worldwide, of which the foreign language version has sold over 3,300,000 copies. Liu Cixin’s three-body world has become an international cultural phenomenon, and its influence extends beyond the sci-fi circle.  Cosmic sociology, dimensionality reduction attack, ideological stamp, dark forest… These terms from the Three-Body Problem have even become the vocabulary of the Internet world, creating a new context. In the follow-up, a series of derivative works were born, such as the three-body movie, the animated version of it and the movie Wandering Earth 2. Liucixin fever continues to ferment, and a series of derivative works continue to be favored by people.

Do you know his story about the Dyson sphere?

The concept of the Dyson sphere was proposed by Einstein’s assistant, the physicist Freeman Dyson in 1960. A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical giant man-made structure consisting of satellites that orbit the sun. It completely surrounds the star and receives most or all of the energy from the sun.

Liu Cixin’s three-body novel is based on the concept of the Dyson sphere. For this novel, he communicated with astronomers who helped him form the blueprint book and construct the world view blueprint record of the novel with sufficient astronomical knowledge and settings.  The blueprint records include the astronomical parameters, geographical features, and atmospheric climate conditions of different Dyson spheres, as well as the diverse species of organisms that may exist in different Dyson sphere environments, the unusual gravity wells, the state of giant drifting organisms, and a new ecological chain.  Liu believes that the Dyson sphere world in his heart can only be experienced by the public in the form of movies and games.

To construct a scientific and viable metaverse, Dyson Sphere Metaverse invited several astronomical astronomers to consult on the basis of Liu Cixin’s blueprint record of the Dyson sphere. After detailed calculations, researchers have designed different astronomical parameters for each Dyson sphere.

Dyson Sphere hopes to work with Liu Cixin to build a metaverse sci-fi cosmos with high performance, high reliability, high security, integrity, practicality and sustainable development for users. The sci-fi cosmos can eliminate barriers for people to enter the metaverse. At the same time, it assists developers, game enthusiasts, artists, and shareholders to easily produce valuable content in the metaverse and fully operate themselves without worrying about the limitations or management of centralized platforms. In addition, creators can reap the benefits of interactivity unique to the metaverse. As a result, the profits of all parties are maximized.  These ultimately push the metaverse to large-scale applications.

Dyson Sphere aims to reconstruct the value capture logic, business model, production relationship, and organizational governance method, in order to create a sustainable development ecology with deep autonomy and achieve a win-win for all parties.

The official definition of Dyson sphere diversity is as follows:

Establish a Metaverse Community Ecology – Aggregate users, develop a guild entry platform and a multilingual community.

Create a metaverse trading platform – Support multiple types of transactions such as item transactions, NFT transactions, land transactions, and scene transactions, making transactions more accessible and safer.

Generate a new economic model – Create NFT assets, provide a platform for NFT collection and value circulation; Produce GameFi value, make it have stronger P2E attributes and extend its game life cycle through its P2E attributes;  

Establish a land economy similar to reality. In-game land can be acquired and leased, creating a land economy for land owners and renters. Through the interaction of various assets, economies and values, Dyson Sphere will form a brand new economic model that will provide it with endless development power.

New Dyson Sphere Incubation – Establish an ecological fund to incubate various Dyson Spheres. The company’s own top-level game production team cooperates with independent excellent game teams to develop and promote the development of scifi cosmos.

It can be seen that Dyson Sphere covers multiple subjects such as individual creators, small studios, and medium and large-scale developers.

In addition, the Dyson Sphere universe is naturally suitable and the data is rigorous. This makes its story powerful, covers a wide range of groups, and can effectively attract users with lofty goals in the virtual world.

Dyson Sphere’s NFT sale is about to begin. This is more like a gathering of enthusiasts to mutually create a virtual world that everyone is willing to live in.

You can bid your Dyson Sphere NFT now.

For further questions, please feel free to ask on Discord: https://discord.com/invite/5P54sCET9d

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