DU Wenbiao and His Design Team Won the Golden A’ Design Award

Previously, DU Wenbiao, a designer from China, and his design team won the Golden A’ Design Award for their design of a sales office. The Golden A’ Design Award and Competition is one of the world’s largest, most prestigious and influential design awards. And it is one of the highest achievements in the field of design, recognizing outstanding original design work from around the world. The award also has a strong and professional design competition jury, totaling 227 renowned designers, leading academics and influential members of the press, who make up one of the world’s largest and most influential design award juries. Lovorika Banovic, Marco Manders, Alessandro Deserti – professor of design at the Politecnico di Milano, and others, all of whom provided valuable insights and ideas for this design award.

The A’ Design Award and Competition is divided into four sectors: industrial product design, graphic and visual design, architecture and interior design, art and engineering competition awards. More than 50,000 works were submitted from more than 180 countries around the world, and about 10% of the works were selected to advance to the next round of the competition.

GBD Design, from China, was founded in 2013 by DU Wenbiao. The team focuses on providing high quality interior design services for top clients from all walks of life, including hotels, restaurants, clubs, residential complexes, commercial spaces and more. The scope of services takes interior design as the core, and extends to one-stop support services from pre-planning to post-project soft furnishings. Talking about the award-winning project, DU Wenbiao said “People bring warmth to a particular space, while the space provides people with shelter and memories. Essentially, architecture supplies people with a foothold of existence. The space feels as if the architect had arranged a carrier inside a glass box to generate fluid forms and dynamic sculptures resembling the sinuous shapes of Nanjing brocade or extensive sand dunes that transform time into organic musical patterns.”

This is not the first time that DU Wenbiao and his design team have won international awards, and their excellent works have been favored by the field of global design. In the future, they will continue to hold on to their design dream, express their care for the real society with the language of design, and depict the different lifestyles of the future habitat with the brushstrokes of design.

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