Decentralized exchange SolrSwap will launch WEB3.0 DEX trading efficient and low-cost matching engine

Decentralized exchange SolrSwap will launch WEB3.0 DEX trading efficient and low-cost matching engine

SOLR, built by Singapore OPEN FOUNDATION LIMITED, will build the world’s top decentralized trading platform – SolrSwap based on the Solana public chain. SolrSwap’s goal is to solve the current Defi protocol’s weak centralization, low capital utilization, liquidity segmentation, and low transaction. High throughput and transaction costs. SolrSwap builds a central order book and a matching engine on the chain, providing very high transaction throughput and extremely low transaction latency, and supporting a variety of digital asset transactions.

SolrSwap was led by OPEN FOUNDATION LIMITED in Singapore, with participation from Singapore-based crypto asset management company ConsensusFintechGroup, Southeast Asian venture capital institution LuneXVentures, and the American PolychainCapital Foundation. It also continues to attract top global institutions and capital.

It is understood that SOLR is a decentralized trading platform that runs on the public chain Solana and adopts the AMM mechanism. In addition to the trading function, it also supports NFT, Lottery, Farms, Airdrop, ID0 and other functions. SOLR is a cross-chain DEX and DeFi aggregator, dedicated to becoming an indispensable trading portal for the Solana ecosystem, providing users with a seamless, efficient and secure trading experience. Users can obtain complete and timely quotations, slippage, various DEX transaction fees and other information in SolrSwap, and conduct the most cost-effective transactions on this cross-chain aggregator. SolrSwap adopts the latest multi-factor security mechanism from the inside out, with high security performance.

Solr has established a top technical team in the industry, and at the same time has carried out in-depth cooperation with a number of top security agencies in the industry, committed to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities. SolrSwap always insists on putting the interests of users first, and is committed to providing security and fairness, an open and efficient blockchain digital asset trading environment, and at the same time build a comprehensive blockchain ecological platform with blockchain technology as the core.

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