Community-Owned HistoryDAO Takes Inspiration from Ancient Greek Philosopher Plato to Set a New Paradigm for Future Media

HistoryDAO Protocol, which is a tool to query, issue, and trade NFTs on Ethereum and BNB Chain, aims to set a paradigm of future media by taking a cue from history. The community-owned DAO developers think that Plato, widely considered to be the father of Western philosophy, viewed the practice of writing as an innovative technology much in the way that blockchain is viewed for its technological innovation today. Heavily inspired by the great philosopher, the HistoryDAO marketplace allows for effective discovery, valuation, development, trading, and management of NFTs. There’s also a discussion forum built around a decentralized community verification process.

Community-Owned HistoryDAO Takes Inspiration from Ancient Greek Philosopher Plato to Set a New Paradigm for Future Media

HistoryDAO NFTs are about things that happen in the real world. Their value is based on pursuit of truth, breaking away from pure speculation based entirely on the esthetics of rich influencers. HistoryDAO believes that social progress is normally a matter of struggles and conflicts that are played out in the minds of every individual in accordance with information each individual decides to trust, consciously or unconsciously.

“We learn from history. Decisions of life are based on history as we understand it. The same goes for businesses and government. HistoryDAO is determined to combine the inherent value of historical moments with their fundamental truth value by encouraging people to record events in the indelible form of NFTs. Minters are rewarded with $HAO when their NFTs are not only purchased, but also traded and discussed in the community. HistoryDAO will add focus to the story behind the recording in order to encourage learning lessons through discussions of the recorded moments. Such discussion has accelerated social evolution since the 18th century compared to the prior ages of human history. However, as an unapologetic blockchain champion, we stand before this seminal Titan of all thoughts, Pluto, try to imbibe his teachings in what we do”, said one of the development team members.

“Just as Plato expected, mnemonic technologies are showing significant signs of changing how we remember things, perhaps for the worse. Certainly, we are losing the practice of committing things to memory that we habitually committed before. It’s too easy now to use our smartphones to look up names, directions, dates, phone numbers, recipes, formulas, etc., rather than committing these things to memory as we used to do. We should consider carefully what sort of “potion” we have. What distinction was Plato trying to make between “remembering” and “reminding”? And what is the significance of “remembering from the inside”?”, added the developer.

According to the developer, HistoryDAO will nurture the emergence of truth through consensus incentives attached to the indelible permanence of NFTs, underpinned by the understanding that consensus and truth can never be separated. HistoryDAO introduces the concept of an “Initial NFT Offering,” in which any user can propose a theme for an NFT collection, building the collection through support of participants who choose to contribute to or purchase NFTs from the collection.

The DAO follows a proposal process to vote on how the Ecosystem Fund will be distributed by the HAO Foundation to promote a diverse and self-sustaining ecosystem. Over time, HistoryDAO will transition the proposal and voting mechanisms into a full, on-chain platform in a form determined by the community.

“According to Plato, then, true knowledge can only come from discourse. Plato has many ways of expressing this thought, and this is where HistoryDAO takes special inspiration. We are emboldened to claim before the father of all Western philosophy, in the manner of Theuth to Ammon, that blockchain is the most irrefutable system of “reminders” yet known to humankind. By building a community around it in a way that facilitates free discourse, we may actually have a path toward truth and wisdom as well”, said the developer.


HistoryDAO is a platform for minting, trading, and collecting NFTs specifically meant to preserve moments of history.

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