CIPC Public Chain|The metaverse from fantasy to reality is bound to usher in an explosion all over the world

What is the metaverse like?

The metaverse is a world, and all the different metaverses can eventually be interconnected and interoperable, and the world and the world are interconnected. People are able to move from one metaverse to another, exploring and having various experiences.

The premise of the metaverse is Web 3.0, and many people believe that the concept of the metaverse is a completely virtual world. The role of the metaverse is to enhance our experience of interacting with things around us, and to allow us to personalize our preferred environment, making us happier and more creative in it. It will be a virtual augmented experience that will not replace the real world.

What is Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain (CIPC)?

The CIPC public chain is an advanced comprehensive blockchain. Using an open-source, modular and scalable blockchain development framework for building blockchains, a complete and configurable blockchain system can be built in a short period of time. In addition, the built blockchain can be deployed into the Polkadot network to gain other benefits such as shared security. The purpose of CIPC is to create an alternative protocol for building decentralized applications, providing a different set of data to trade off, we think this will be very useful for a large class of decentralized applications, especially during the rapid development phase and maintaining under safety conditions. Rarely used applications and the ability for different applications to interact very efficiently are very important.

CIPC Public Chain|The metaverse from fantasy to reality is bound to usher in an explosion all over the world

The design behind CIPC aims to follow the following principles

1. Simplicity: The CIPC protocol should be as simple as possible, even at the cost of some data storage or time inefficiency. Ideally, the average programmer should be able to follow and implement the entire specification. To fully realize the unprecedented democratizing potential offered by cryptocurrencies and further advance the vision of CIPC as a protocol open to all.

2. Universality: A fundamental part of the CIPC design philosophy is that CIPC does not have a “function”. Instead, CIPC provides an in-house Turing-complete scripting language that programmers can use to build any mathematically definable smart contract or transaction type.

3. Modularity: The various parts of the CIPC protocol should be designed to be as modular and separable as possible. During development, our goal was to create a program where if a small protocol modification were to be made in one place, the application stack would continue to function without any further modification. CIPC development should be maximized to benefit the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, not just itself.

4. Agility:

The details of the CIPC protocol are not set in stone, although we will judiciously make modifications to the high-level structure, such as using a sharding roadmap, abstracting execution, and incorporating only data availability into consensus. Computational testing later in the development process may lead us to discover that certain modifications, such as the protocol architecture or the CIPC Virtual Machine (EVM), would greatly improve scalability or security.

5. Non-discrimination and non-censorship: The agreement should not attempt to actively limit or prevent certain categories of use. All moderation mechanisms in the protocol should be designed to mediate harm directly, rather than attempt to oppose specific undesirable applications. Programmers can even run infinite loop scripts on top of CIPC as long as they are willing to keep paying transaction fees for each computational step.

Main features of the CIPC public chain

1. It has an EVM platform that is highly compatible with standards and has complete functions, with low handling fees and high TPS, enabling all solidity dapps on EVM-compatible chains such as Ethereum and BSC to seamlessly migrate to the CIPC main chain. The existing Web 3.0 ecosystem provides better infrastructure options.

2. Built-in native advanced NFT standards. Compared with the existing ERC721-based, Ethereum network-based tokens are widely created and used for transactions. These tokens have become the backbone of the Ethereum ecosystem. Some companies use these tokens as currency in their systems, some tokens are traded on exchanges as company equity, and some tokens exist as collectibles, such as CryptoKitties.

3. The original utilization module provides the decentralized process of the business logic of the chain business from the bottom layer, which greatly enhances the credibility, availability and asset security of the chain business.

Working and Living in the Metaverse

Combining life, work and the metaverse would definitely be a huge change, yet most people don’t realize it yet. By 2040, the concept of “work” and “life” may completely change, imagine a metaverse where we can work without leaving home, buy what we want, and actually try on everything What a lot of fun. This is not impossible. With the development of technology, a new life and work system under the CIPC Metaverse will be formed. Connecting people to the universe and providing unprecedented connectivity to the financial system and the metaverse world.

The CIPC universe ecology is bound to usher in an explosion all over the world! 

CIPC is an important milestone in the entire universe ecosystem. As a key financial management part of the ecosystem, CIPC has always remained open, and is fully capable of linking encryption and traditional financial services and institutions together, allowing anyone to access with one click, Enter the CIPC universe anytime, anywhere for digital asset management and currency value management. Among them, CIPC is the economic foundation of the whole ecology, and all services must be consumed and financed by consuming CIPC.

We have reason to believe that CIPC will strive to create more exciting and innovative products in the future, and take CIPC as a breakthrough point to develop into another fertile ground for the encryption economy.

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