CEO of Merace receives an exclusive interview – Talking the future development of metaverse

Among the hottest new words in 2021, “metaverse” must occupy a place.

Is metaverse a rare business opportunity or a baiting speculation? Recently, the reporter interviewed Wilson Clifford, CEO of British metaverse technology research and development and VR industrial chain company Brilliant Faith.

The following is the transcript of the interview:

CEO of Merace receives an exclusive interview – Talking the future development of metaverse

Reporter: According to media reports, Brilliant Faith has obtained investments from professional block chain investment institutions such as BAF and GCC. What characteristics do you think capital recognizes?

Wilson Clifford: After in-depth exchanges with us, the capital institutions highly recognized our concept and market prediction for the development of metaverse. We have always insisted on investing in technology research and development. The technical team is a top Geek Team. We also jointly established a VR technology laboratory with Manchester University to focus on the scientific research and application of VR technology. Soon, we will work with our strategic partner Shen zhen Meta to put the scientific research results into the market.

Reporter: With the wave of metaverse this year, many technology giants have had layout one after another. Why do you think the metaverse has been gained huge popularity in the market?

Wilson Clifford: In science fiction movies, the metaverse is not a particularly novel concept. Metaverse’s popularity stems from the consensus of “next generation Internet”. There are two reasons. One is the improvement of basic network and hash rate, and the enrichment of scientific and technological infrastructure such as 5G and cloud computing, which makes the cost of data exchange into the virtual world lower. The other is the rapid development of block chain decentralization technology and interactive interfaces such as VR, which not only provides economic ecology and immersion, but also promotes the development of metaverse industry.

Reporter: As a research and development enterprise of metaverse technology, how does Brilliant Faith plan to layout in the field of metaverse?

Wilson Clifford: As far as Brilliant Faith is concerned, we hope to let everyone contact the real metaverse. Therefore, we prefer the technology research and development of metaverse platform and extension equipment to enhance the immersion of virtual space and allow everyone to switch freely between virtual and reality.

In the early stage, we will focus on the construction of the platform and the research and development of VR equipment. When the software and hardware conditions tend to be mature, we will shift the focus to the platform ecological environment and content production to promote healthy and positive development.

Reporter: How does Brilliant Faith view the relationship between VR and the metaverse?

Wilson Clifford: In my opinion, VR is like the “entrance” to the metaverse, and it is also the technology closest to the concept of the metaverse, because VR opens up the interaction between virtual and reality. Just like in Top Player, you can enter the virtual space with VR eyes for interaction, social communication, games, life, etc.

Metaverse has also promoted the market development of VR. According to the data report, VR technology is expected to bring us $1.5 trillion GDP increment to the global economy by 2030, and the market will be bright in the future.

Reporter: Finally, can you talk about the future development of the metaverse?

Wilson Clifford: The metaverse is still in its infancy and needs long-term accumulation and development. First, the bottom layer is the continuous growth and enrichment of technologies, such as VR, which needs to bring more and better virtual experiences to users. Then there is the gradual enrichment of content supply. A large number of content providers are needed for entertainment, consumption and social networking. Finally, the user’s mind needs to improve everyone’s acceptance of the virtual world.

I very much look forward to the arrival of the metaverse. Just like real life, we can also have unimpeded access in the metaverse. At the same time, I hope that the metaverse can be more free and open than the current Internet world, providing more open scenes and possibilities.

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