BitWell Announces Former JP Morgan Executive Director Andrey Shcherbina as Chief Revenue Officer

BitWell announced the appointment of former JP Morgan executive director Andrey Shcherbina as BitWell’s Chief Revenue Officer. Andrey previously served as Executive Director of Strategic Planning at JP Morgan and has more than 10 years of experience in financial risk control in financial services and commercial banking.

After graduating from University of California, Andrey has held important positions such as executive director in Citadel Securities, Two Sigma Investments, JP Morgan and other companies. He has participated in the formulation and implementation of the company’s revenue target strategy, promoted organizational transformation and digital strategy reform and comprehensively responsible for marketing cooperation with major global customers to further expand the global expansion territory.

As BitWell’s Chief Revenue Officer, Andrey will be responsible for planning and executing BitWell’s follow-up marketing strategy, ensuring that BitWell develops its business with an optimal organizational structure, closely connecting with partners around the world. Also, he will make full use of digital automation and big data systems. Finally, Andrey will contribute to the innovation and sustainable development of the global crypto asset ecosystem.

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