Berry Simple Earn – a new way to hold coins and enjoy exclusive income

The rise of the digital currency industry has attracted a large influx of hot money, the currency circle is prosperous, a variety of novel gameplay changes to the emergence of flowers, the primary market, the secondary market, platform coins take turns, and geek games and other gameplay are strongly interspersed.

With a hundredfold return of the primary market and dozens of times the return of the secondary market, a platform coin that has risen a hundred times has driven a new round of frenzy in the currency circle with its novel mode of holding coins to enjoy income and trading that is, mining, and many people’s worth has increased wildly.

But the good times did not last long, with the arrival of the bear market, the cold winter invaded the entire currency circle….

The impact of the Fed’s latest rate hike on the crypto space

The Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points four times in a row to fight inflation, and with the emergence of this news, there was a wave of up and down pins in the currency circle, and both Bitcoin and Ethereum showed a trend of first rising and then falling. According to the Fed’s favorite inflation measure, the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) price index, prices have risen 6.2% over the past 12 months. With inflation so high, Powell admitted that the Fed needs to raise interest rates to a higher level than expected in September, which will put more slowdown pressure on the economy, a recession is inevitable, and it has an inevitable bad impact on the cryptocurrency market, resulting in an overall decline in the price of the currency, etc. In order to allow users to enjoy more secure and efficient asset services, Berry Exchange launched Simple Earn.

Berry Simple Earn – a new way to hold coins and enjoy exclusive income

Simple Earn, a current digital financial product that holds coins and enjoys exclusive income

Compared with other platform wealth management products, Berry Exchange Simple Earn has the following characteristics:

1. Deposit currency for interest, simple and easy to use. Users only need to transfer idle assets from the spot account to the wealth management account to enjoy the income brought by daily wealth management, which does not bear interest on the day of transfer, and the income starts to calculate the next day. As long as you deposit coins, you can get interest, and the operation is very simple.

2. Compound interest and daily arrival.  Simple Earn is compound interest-accruing, and the wealth management income will automatically enter the user’s wealth management account after it arrives, and the daily income will be counted into the recognized amount for calculating the next day’s income.

  • Save and take, no limit to threshold. Under normal circumstances, the asset transfer between the spot account and the wealth management account is real-time, there is no minimum deposit limit, no limit on the number of transfers in and out, no threshold and no limit is very convenient, truly deposit and take!
  • DepositBao is a currency value-added product, 90% of the platform’s leveraged loan interest income will be distributed according to the proportion of currency in the user’s wealth management account.

DepositPal rules

  1. Depository can deposit and withdraw assets at any time, and you can get income after the corresponding settlement time arrives.

2. If you deposit Deposit Money before 22:00 on the same day,  the settlement income will be carried out at 19:00 the next day. If you deposit money after 22:00 on the same day, the  proceeds will be settled at 19:00 on the third day.

Example: Deposit money deposit before 22:00 on November 1, and 19:00 on November 2 00 Deposit money on the day of settlement Deposit money after 22:00 on November 1, 11 On the 3rd of the month, at 19:00, the deposit income is settled on the day.

3. There is no upper limit on the amount deposited by Moneykeep.

Example: If the profit of the deposit treasure is 0.3% on the day, deposit 1000USDT, you can get a return of 3USDT at the time of settlement.

It is very friendly to small and medium-sized retail investors

Simple Earn is especially suitable for small and medium-sized retail investors, due to the limitation of clearing and settlement capabilities, the previous generation of digital asset wealth management products often a few or even a dozen BTC starting from the financial threshold to reject most digital asset individual investors. In order to meet the financial needs of individual digital asset investors,  Simple Earn’s distributed architecture has greatly improved its own clearing and settlement capabilities, provided users with ultra-low investment thresholds, and solved the problem of investment difficulties for small and medium-sized retail investors.

In a bear market, deposit your assets into Simple Earn, and hold on to your coins while gaining momentum. Because the Berry platform strategy comes from the careful selection and self-research and development of digital asset management’s own strategies, each strategy launched is of excellent quality, creating a capital protected and stable financial advantage for  Simple Earn. Users can avoid risks more effectively, and easily achieve asset preservation and steady appreciation. Together with the function of redemption lightning, it can effectively improve the investment effectiveness of the assets in our hands and greatly improve our capital efficiency.

 Simple Earn will next focus on improving the efficiency of user funds, open up more usage scenarios including transfer, wealth management, and lending, and build itself into an on-market capital tool and underlying capital account for digital asset financial service products.

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