BELEM Exchange [Global Partner Program]

60% high rebate, millions of commissions to earn!

In the process of financial globalization, how to establish a deep connection with users is the core proposition of all financial platforms.

BELEM, a world-class comprehensive crypto asset trading platform, has been providing a wide range of blockchain asset services to tens of millions of crypto users since its establishment in 2017 with the core value of “Users as Wealth”. With a strong technical team, excellent business operations and a forward-looking strategy, BELEM has become one of the top international exchanges with a global presence in 120 countries and over 8 million users.

To provide users with better services and create more wealth value, on the occasion of BELEM’s 5th anniversary, the BELEM [Global Partner Program] is launched to live up to the choice and trust of millions of users and open up for win-win.

Activity Details:

During the activity period, BELEM’s old users invite new users to register through their personal exclusive links, and after a single top-up ≥ 50 USDT, the old user can become a BELEM Global Partner, and can get the commission bonus for new users’ transaction fees. The commission bonus can last three levels, up to 60% rebate. The number of invitations is not capped, more invitations are more rewarding. Millions of commission waiting for you to get!

Global Partner Commission Income Rules:

Invite new users at Level 1 and Global Partners will receive a 30% rebate on transaction fees;

Invite new users at level 2, Global Partners will receive 20% commission rebate on transaction fees;

Invite new users at level 3, Global Partners will receive 10% commission rebate on transaction fees.

Specific commission calculations can be referenced in the following example:


A invites B, B’s transaction generates a handling fee of 100 USDT, and A receives a commission of 30 USDT;

B invites C, C’s transaction generates a handling fee of 100 USDT, A receives a commission of 20 USDT;

C invites D, D’s transaction generates a handling fee of 100USDT, A gets a commission of 10USDT.

Activity Clarification:

    1. The rebate activity of BELEM [Global Partner Program] is divided into three levels.

    2. There is no upper limit to the number of new users invited, the more people invited, the higher the commission.

    3. The commission generated from the transactions of the invited users will automatically reach the invited account.

    4. BELEM prohibits users to use this activity to violate the trading rules. Once found, partner status will be cancelled and account will be blocked.

    5. BELEM International Digital Currency Exchange will protect the legal rights of every user.

The final interpretation of BELEM [Global Partner Program] belongs to BELEM.

Join BELEM and we will provide a full range of services and support:

  1. Top technical support: Equipped with the world’s most cutting-edge technical talents and the industry’s top elite team, with rich experience and technical accumulation and knowledge reserves, BELEM is committed to creating a newmodel of technology finance for users and optimizing and enhancing user experience.
  2. One-stop investment services: BELEM provides one-stop crypto asset financial services such as coin trading, contract trading, C2C, OTC and asset management to global users, selects high-quality crypto assets for users, and helps users make better asset management decisions.

3. Security transaction guarantee: BELEM insists on compliance operation and holds financial regulatory licenses of many countries and regions, such as US MSB financial license, Singapore MAS license and Canada MSB license, to fully protect users’ interests.

4. High rebate incentive support: there are three levels of rebates, with rewards of up to 60%, no upper limit on the number of invitations, millions of commission rewards invite you to participate together!

After joining BELEM [Global Partner Program], you can create huge wealth with 0 investment. If you invite your friends to top up and trade, you can get paid commissions for a long time, easily earn tens of thousands of dollars a day. BELEM is not only a way to significantly increase your income, but also a way to create a wealthy business.

BELEM is looking forward to you joining us to work together with millions of users around the world to break industry barriers, lead new trends in industry products, promote the innovation and evolution of the global financial investment industry, and jointly open up a new model of financial ecology and win-win situation, and make great strides towards a wealthy future!

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