Based on blockchain finance, YSex reshapes the value of digital assets YSex

Headquartered in New York City and registered in the Republic of Seychelles, the company aims to become the world’s leading decentralized trading platform. Its business covers many countries and regions such as Singapore and Europe. It has more than 3 million registered users worldwide, more than 300,000 monthly active users and 30 million user flow within the ecosystem. Oriented by user needs, YSex constantly innovates and expands its business areas to provide one-stop digital asset investment services for global users.

Based on blockchain finance, YSex reshapes the value of digital assets YSex

Based on blockchain technology, the exclusive aggregation ecosystem is established

Based on blockchain technology, the platform supports more than 500 high-quality currencies and 800 trading pairs, including mainstream digital currencies and a variety of high-quality innovative tokens, and regularly screens and introduces potential emerging projects to meet the investment needs of the market. For the capital flow of different customers, the platform will also be equipped with Swap3.0 cross-chain technology to break the barriers between different blockchains and realize the seamless flow of assets on different chains. It will not only provide faster transaction experience for the market and users, but also reduce the complexity of cross-chain operation, so that users can freely conduct transactions in multiple chains.

Based on different market development needs, platform planning key development strategy

In the face of market demand and the rapid development of digital technology, YSex1 put forward a three-stage development strategy. In the first phase, the platform will focus on creating a one-stop digital wallet system. Users can easily manage multiple digital assets for secure storage, real-time conversion and fast money transfer. At the same time, the platform will launch liquidity mining projects, and YSC tokens will become the core value carrier of ecology.

The second phase of the platform will further expand the DeFi field by enabling users to conduct efficient, secure and transparent decentralized trading on the platform through a decentralized exchange. In addition, the platform will launch financial applications such as lending, insurance and prediction machines to build a complete financial support system for application ecology.

In the future, the platform will also take the metauniverse as the development goal of the third stage, and build an all-round YSex ecosystem together with the universe ecosystem, digital wallet and decentralized exchange.

Safe and convenient service system brings absolute guarantee for users’ wealth

In finance, speed, safety and trust matter. In the face of the current digital trading pain points, YSex is equipped with a professional financial level trading structure, and has independently developed a high speed matchmaking trading engine (more than millions of transactions per second). The platform adopts a full cold recharge wallet system + high protection DDOS attack system and other trading structures, and the open and powerful API supports users to realize more efficient trading strategies. Bring five star user experience.

And the trading system of the exchange has a high degree of stability and reliability. Adopt multi-level system security protection measures to protect hardware, software, network and other aspects of security.

First-class team creates first-class platform. YSex has an excellent leader from the fields of computer, blockchain and finance, who leads the platform to reach the peak with a global vision and forward-looking layout, creating a financial legend!

In the future, YSex decentralized digital trading platform will adhere to the armed platform of digital research and development innovation, so as to bring more rapid, safe and convenient digital services to global users, so that every investment can be profitable, so that the platform users can realize wealth upgrading and fission under the leadership of YSex! Join YSex and enjoy the peak life!

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