B.X.V.Kpro opens a new era of cryptocurrency exchange investment

Global Internet development has entered the Web.3.0 era, B.X.V.Kpro cryptocurrency exchange came into being, B.X.V.Kpro (parent company B.E.K Pro) cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in the United States, the United States financial services and investment management company, with up to 100 billion dollars of assets, Committed to providing a professional platform for cryptocurrency investors, is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, we share members together, trading any product will get commission! We are committed to cooperate with many investment institutions, banks and securities around the world, follow the development and investment plan of BINANCE Labs in the secondary exchanges, and build B.X.V.Kpro into a multi-functional digital currency exchange with the United States as the center, and set up five operation centers in Britain, Germany, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong.

   B.X.V.Kpro Exchange is a global digital financial trading platform jointly built by B.E.K pro and BINANCE LABS, TBCASoft. Recently, B.X.V.Kpro issued a document saying, Its parent company B.E.Kxpro successfully applied for registration in the United States and obtained the official certification of the Foundation and MSB dual financial license! Further, B.X.V.Kpro applies blockchain technology to banking, insurance, securities, futures, supply chain finance, digital economy and other aspects.

    B.X.V.Kpro is an exchange that focuses on ICO offering, contract trading and pledge mining, DEFI pledge, NFT. Its products and services enjoy a good reputation in the industry. B.X.V.Kpro platform features portfolio strategy and multi-strategy allocation, among which multi-investment allocation methods include trend, arbitrage, high frequency and hedge. It can also diversify risks while ensuring stable profits. Multiple risk control, to ensure the stable growth of product net value, with a number of investment strategies, the price, risk has a scientific and intelligent analysis and forecast, so that investors in the stability of profit.

   In the future, we will further develop the financial ecosystem, including but not limited to Treasury, lending, social trading, and others, and gradually build a more complete B.X.V.Kpro financial ecosystem to provide users with lower Gas, higher TPS, safer, and more diversified digital asset trading experience.

◎ Positioning: a decentralized exchange and on-chain perpetual contract exchange based on B.X.V.Pro.

◎ Mission: To provide users with lower Gas, higher TPS, safer, richer and more diverse digital asset trading experience.

◎ Vision: Break the technical and cost barriers of finance, lead traders to more secure and efficient on-chain trading, and build a new scenario of Web3.0 on-chain finance.

B.X.V.Kpro plans to list on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, marking an important step in its development in the technology industry. The founder and CEO of B.X.V.Kpro said the listing is an important milestone in the development of the exchange and a recognition of the team’s efforts and innovation capabilities. The listing will bring greater exposure and sustainable funding to the exchange, further boosting its product development and global market expansion. The listing plan has attracted wide attention and positive response from investors, who have expressed confidence in the future growth potential and market competitiveness of the exchange, resulting in rapid growth of the B.X.V.Kpro exchange.

The NASDAQ Stock Exchange is one of the world’s best-known technology companies and innovative enterprises listed trading places. By listing on NASDAQ, B.X.V.Kpro will further consolidate its position in the financial industry and lay a solid foundation for future development. Reaching this milestone will inspire more entrepreneurs and investors to pursue opportunities and success in the financial sector.

We believe that the future is now, and as a pioneer in the digital space, we will be able to offer unique and better features while generating faster organic growth, with our global product positioning, superior product performance. Our managed model business is growing in popularity, we are in the midst of the next major structural revolution in financial services, and by continuing to innovate we are positioned to not just join but lead the digital transformation currently taking place in our markets, the outlook for the cryptocurrency industry is so strong that we have never been better positioned to capture it, and we are confident that, Our strategy will continue to drive our growth today and tomorrow. For the benefit of all our stakeholders

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