An Exclusive Interview with XIE Yijun: Empowering the Smart Future of the Construction Industry with Innovative Technology

Reporter: ZHAO Wenxin

“Innovation is the vitality of the scientific house.” This is the creed that XIE Yijun, a Chinese scientific research expert on intelligent building, has always complied to in his scientific research work. In his view, only by continuous innovation can we not trap into the past and make new discoveries. Because of this, in the career history and scientific research practice for more than 20 years, XIE Yijun has always taken innovation as the first criterion, maintained the concept of “trust but not believe”, dared to try and made breakthroughs, creating one scientific achievement after another.

Rise to the Challenge, Climb the Peak of Scientific Research

As a scientific researcher, XIE Yijun has been working in the field of interior design for more than 20 years, and has always been striving on the front line of scientific research on key technologies. For XIE Yijun, scientific research work means countless immersive attempts, the joy of realizing ideas and creativity, and the joy of obtaining research progress. Even in face of scientific research problems, he was not impatient. With the perseverance of “grinding a sword in ten years”, he tried his best to overcome difficulties, and finally made outstanding achievements in technical breakthroughs in architectural design, project management and so on.

Especially in recent years, with the rise of digital economy and intelligent buildings, XIE Yijun has focused his research on the intelligent research of architectural design and management. With rich practical experience and solid scientific research ability, he has designed and developed a series of original scientific research achievements, including “Visualization System of Architectural Engineering Design Based on Augmented Reality Technology”, “Construction Cost and Cost control system Based on BIM Technology” and “Building Construction Method Design System Based on Genetic Algorithm”. They have broken through the technical difficulties and development bottlenecks of the construction industry, leading the construction industry to move forward at a high speed in the direction of intelligence and intelligence.

Among them, the breakthrough technical achievement of ” Construction Cost and Cost control system Based on BIM Technology” has won the award of “2022 Outstanding Invention Achievement of Scientific and Technological Innovation in Construction Intellectualization” at the 20th China Scientists (International) Forum. And he was also named as a Outstanding Figure for Construction Intellectualization Technology Innovation During the “14th Five-Year Plan”. He has received extensive attention and praise from experts and scholars at home and abroad, and was praised as a pioneer in promoting the high-quality development of the construction industry.

Set Goals and Overcome Development Difficulties

Technological innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the sustainable development of the construction industry. In recent years, with the gradual improvement of people’s attention to the quality, safety and comfort of housing construction, new requirements have also been put forward for the quality of building products. As the key to improve the construction level and ensure the project quality, construction method is gradually becoming one of the important contents for major enterprises to carry out innovative research and development.

However, at present, there is still a lack of research results related to construction method innovation management in the field of architecture at home and abroad. There are only a few relevant studies on construction methods, which are mainly focused on the technical level of specific construction methods. What’s worse, the design and management of construction methods are to be initiated. Under such circumstances, XIE Yijun set his goal, actively explored the intelligent design and management technology of construction methods, and developed the “Building Construction Method Design System Based on Genetic Algorithm”, which provided an efficient implementation path for the design and management of complex and systematic construction methods of high-end engineering projects, realized the online design and intelligent management of construction methods, and promoted the substantial improvement of construction quality.

From the technical point of view, “Building Construction Method Design System Based on Genetic Algorithm” organically combines the existing innovative methods such as root cause analysis model, patent analysis, construction method analysis and TRIZ theory, integrates a large number of potential construction method schemes and constructs a construction method prediction model based on the functional requirements of construction engineering and the design objectives of construction method; At the same time, the system uses genetic algorithm to extract the optimal individuals from the construction method prediction model, and forms a new generation of optimal population in the operations of replication, mutation and reorganization, and then outputs the final construction method design scheme. It has the advantages of strong computing ability, accurate output results and fast system response, effectively solves the contradiction between construction method specifications, development cycle and design cost, improving the intelligent level of construction method design, shortening the project cycle, and providing technical support for improving construction quality and realizing the maximum benefits of construction projects.

Taking the Helm and Leading the Way, Creating New Achievements in Development

Ride the Wind and the Waves and Steer the Boat In the successive scientific and technological breakthroughs, XIE Yijun has accurately grasped the development needs of the industry, rose to the challenge, created outstanding scientific and technological innovation achievements, leading China’s construction industry to steadily complete the industrial transformation and technological optimization, and handing in a satisfactory answer in the era test of promoting the construction modernization.

In the future, driven by multiple factors such as policy, technology and industry, the integration of new generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, neural network and big data with the construction industry will be closer, and new technological difficulties and development difficulties will continue to emerge. In this regard, XIE Yijun said that he would continue to adhere to the concept of innovation, conduct scientific research down-to-earth, and make persistent efforts to develop more practical technical achievements with high technical level and great application value, so that intelligent new technology would become a powerful engine for industrial transformation and upgrading, helping the entire construction industry usher in a new ecology of development!

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