AITN Global Private Equity Sets Multiple Records

According to the Journal of Finance, the world-renowned AI intelligent application, AITN received warm responses from institutions and communities around the world due to its innovative technology and excellent strength during its private placement. The over-completed private placement also set a number of records!

During the private placement activities, AITN was favored by capital. At present, it has confirmed cooperation with Sequoia Global, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, and more than 10 institutions are negotiating. In addition, according to Frost & Sullivan data, the current AITN expectation index far exceeds other projects, becoming the most anticipated project of the year.

Why is AITN so favored by global capital and users? We analyze it from the following angles:

1. Corporate credibility, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is an authoritative AI intelligence company in the United States

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has cooperated with DeepMind, the world’s top artificial intelligence laboratory, to jointly develop the most advanced machine algorithms for machine learning and systems neuroscience. AlphaGo, which was once popular all over the world, was developed from this. Not only that, in Google’s Google Brain project, it also helped Google build the world’s largest “neural network” and develop a neural network that can think like the human brain. At the same time, invest in the world-class SKEMA AI global laboratory to jointly develop data science and artificial intelligence algorithms to solve new problems faced by real society.

2. Realize application landing, solve current pain points, and lead the wave of blockchain landing applications

AITN decentralized artificial intelligence ecological chain. Solve the production, circulation and settlement of software and hardware in the global upstream and downstream of the entire artificial intelligence ecosystem! The specific classification description can be analyzed from the following four points:

a. The distributed artificial intelligence brain co-created by the AITN network can help enterprises, families and individuals operate in the digital twin world, collaborate and innovate, optimize real-world decision-making, and improve resource utilization. .

b. The distributed storage function of IPFS has the characteristics of data security, non-tampering, data privacy protection, and global interconnection.

c. Establish an IoT ecosystem in a decentralized and cooperative way of WEB3.0, so that various devices can connect to the IoT and act as nodes.

d. Quickly identify the correct sender, and bridge REE and TEE communication by adding a private blockchain.

3. Powerful alliance, jointly initiated by AITN Company, Metaverse Alliance and Blockchain Research Center

Compared with the traditional blockchain (air) project, which has no actual application in the name of landing application, AITN company jointly initiated with the Metaverse Alliance and the Blockchain Research Center, all technologies and applications are guaranteed, not only the landing Faster and more future-proof.

   The reason why AITN can stand out in the wave of the times is not only the guarantee and support of the strong alliance with the Metaverse Alliance and the Blockchain Research Center, but also because AITN has explored a new way for the future development direction of the AI ​​intelligent industry. ; At the same time, it also brings visible hope to many blockchain enthusiasts around the world, and the landing applications are all in front of us, so there is no need to worry about being a castle in the air.

As the forerunner of global AI intelligence projects, AITN has an excellent market team and technical team. At the same time, the team also helps investors to correctly formulate appropriate investment strategies by holding online and offline seminars and other forms, and lays the groundwork for investors.

It is precisely because of this that AITN has always been at the forefront of the global market and has the right to speak in its peers and even the world. After the official launch of the public offering, I believe it will be more worthy of investors to join their ranks.

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AITN Global Private Equity Sets Multiple Records

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