1wink FX trade conflux for innovation

Every innovation and progress of human society is accompanied by the development and application of science and technology. All this stems from people’s thinking that the current situation cannot meet their needs. The greater the conflict between this demand and the current situation, the higher the interests contained therein, the stronger the motivation to drive people to innovate and improve, and the more able to attract enough excellent people to participate in solving problems to meet the demand.

1wink FX trade conflux for innovation

If the larger the market, the higher its potential benefits. At present, there is no market that can be compared with the daily average foreign exchange market of US $6 trillion. In this market known as the top of the financial pyramid, every tiny change will eventually evolve into a surging tide of wealth, and countless people who can seize opportunities and follow the pace of innovation will be achieved.

1wink is an act of wealth sharing brought by technological innovation in the foreign exchange market. 1wink integrates a variety of core technologies and has subversively broken through the bottleneck of the development of many foreign exchange trading platforms. It is an open source foreign exchange trading software with the value support of ensuring capital security, improving investment income and improving trading experience, and its full name is 1win FX trade currency.

1wink, as an open source trading program, has the following three core technological innovations compared with the traditional financial trading platform:

1、Transaction account data tracking technology

1wink effectively locks and tracks through big data and provides real-time and non-differentiated cloud documentary trading services. The accounts tracked for subscription users are those with high stable rate of return selected by screening the trading results of the long, medium and short periods in the million-level active accounts.

According to the differences of various foreign exchange brokers in point difference, slip point and order execution rules, 1wink adopts the principle of synchronous transaction between subscription users and tracked accounts on the same platform, so as to ensure uninterrupted synchronous profitability of cloud tracking.

2、Information analysis intelligent cloud brain risk control system

1wink uses AI technology to build the “information analysis intelligent cloud brain” risk control system. Capture the core information of foreign exchange transactions and conduct probability analysis, so as to monitor the real-time transaction information given by the tracked account, and add a security line for subscribers.

When the transaction behavior that seriously violates the judgment of 1wink smart cloud brain occurs, the system will suspend the recommendation of the transaction information of the tracked account and issue a security warning to the subscriber.

3、 Contract fund mutual mapping agreement “

1winK has developed the “1wink protocol”, which uses the smart contract to lock the funds transferred by users in the security pool of independent custody, then issues the funds deposit certificate that can be checked on the chain, and then carries out 1:1 interactive mapping between the assets on the chain and the currencies off the chain with the financial institutions, finally realizing the value transfer of the user’s funds without being touched, and posting them to the foreign exchange market for trading. When the user ends the transaction and sends a withdrawal order, the contract triggers the “1win agreement” unlocking mechanism, and the custody funds are transferred back from the security pool to the user’s encrypted asset wallet on the chain by the system to complete the entire transaction fund access process.

The emergence of “1win protocol” and “mutual mapping of contract funds” technology has completely avoided the risk of artificial manipulation of funds, and truly realized code execution, separation of people and money, and machine trust.

1wink FX trade conflux is born for innovation. We are committed to providing a more friendly and private open source trading software for every investor who is lucky to participate in foreign exchange trading. 1wink allows technology to share wealth and users to walk with the wise.

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