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Hello everyone, my name is Robert Blake.CCO from Genesis global.

GENESIS GLOBAL UK will officially launch a cross-generational product sales assistance APP in June 2022

Break through the traditional technology to help sales, use the cloud intelligent system to quickly complete the product order , and achieve a three-way win-win profit

What is Sales Assistance: Assist in selling products to increase sales

1. Products increase popularity and rank on shopping sites

2. The promotion of product rankings increases sales and e-commerce makes profits

3. The product has become popular and is recognized by more users to increase brand awareness

All e-commerce platforms hope that their products can be quickly known by more people. So by needing someone to help increase their popularity

Traditional sales assistance operation model

Invite members to register on the shopping platform website. Log in to shop on the website and pay the fee. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete a product sales assistance. It takes 2-3 days to wait for the system to review the shipment and evaluate the positive feedback. It takes up to 3 days to settle the member commission. .Limited country development does not support global users

GENESIS GLOBAL new era sales assistance operation model

Cooperate with the Amazon website. Users register an account on the APP platform to generate an Amazon platform account. The cloud intelligent system developed by GENESISI GLOBAL can quickly match the orders that need to increase sales assistance on the Amazon shopping platform. When the sales assistance task is completed, it will automatically help you Log in to the Amazon platform. Complete the matching and place an order to complete the sales assistance. It only takes 1 minute to complete a task order, saving 10 times the user’s time. The commission is returned to the user and the immediate return is paid to the user account by GENESIS GLOBAL as an intermediary. Let the user complete the assistance Sales can receive commission immediately

GENESIS GLOBAL CEO DAVID SMITH proposed that in the era of 5G, traditional physical industries must be transformed. Online shopping has become the mainstream of the future. Whether it is a large well-known brand or an emerging entrepreneurial brand, if you want to be competitive in the market, you must use the help Sales. Make its products and companies competitive in the market. The 2022-2025 sales promotion will be a weapon that must be possessed by all e-commerce shopping platforms.

The main operating partner of GENESIS GLOBAL is the e-commerce of the Amazon platform. It assists e-commerce products to increase sales, evaluation and product comments. There are currently 6.3 million sellers in the Amazon store. Among them, 1.5 million sellers are active sellers. Regular product orders and service updates. At present, GENESIS GLOBAL has cooperated with 500,000 merchants on the Amazon platform. Among them, it has signed a guarantee contract with some well-known brands Dachang. Let every user use the APP for sales assistance. There will be no shortage of orders

GENESIS GLOBAL has reached a three-way win-win relationship. Funding problems will never fail. The e-commerce platform provides fees to the GENESIS GLOBAL platform. The platform extracts part of the fee and the rest of the commission is rebate to all participating members immediately. Form a mature demand and supply Chain.GENESIS GLOBAL is the only breakthrough in traditional technology in the current market. It has a strong technical team and a set of cloud intelligent fast matching system that can carry 2 million users to match orders online at the same time to complete the task. In the future, we will also cooperate with other well-known websites Such as eBay. AliExpress. Wish. Zalora. Shopee. E-commerce sales assistance cooperation. Users do not need to worry about no sales assistance orders. Future trends 2022-2025 E-commerce sales assistance orders will only be in short supply.

The world’s only APP platform with a decentralized concept. It aims to protect the security of users’ assets. Every user does not need to worry about the security of assets. The APP uses USDT as the digital currency for settlement transactions. It can serve global users and break through the regional restrictions of traditional sales assistance. .

The concept of decentralization makes use of blockchain technology. Vitalik Buterin formally proposed the concept of Ethereum in 2013, and completed a complete set of smart contract systems written in a Turing-complete programming language (Solidity). User funds on the platform None of them belong to the GENESIS GLOBAL company. Instead, they are collected on the public chain. With the system smart contract, they will issue commissions to each user, and allocate funds on the chain to call back the user account. Complete the concept of Decentralized Exchange (DeFi) exchange.

Decentralized intelligence brings real asset security to users

1. Ensure the security of user account assets

2. No one can change the mechanism to affect the flow of funds

3. Programming smart contracts Only member accounts can determine the movement of funds

Simple instructions. Only the user can apply for withdrawal of funds on the platform. Assuming that the future order volume is insufficient, there is no sales assistance task. The user’s funds are protected and can be fully withdrawn to their own account. There is no risk of loss of funds.

GENESIS GLOBAL was jointly reported by a total of 41 world-renowned media in June 2022, including the Canadian Finance and Economics. The Buffalo News (the most profitable newspaper in the United States held by the stock god Buffett, the newspaper has a daily circulation of 300,000 copies) The American Herald Daily .(Rated as the best news website in 2015 by IPA) 41 overseas well-known media. 591 global news media reported simultaneously. Users can search for GENESIS GLOBAL NETWORK TECHNOLOGY on GOOGLE to check the content of news reports. In September 2022, the platform will operate stably in A total of 50 overseas media reported GENESISI GLOBAL on YouTube.

And 500 news media reported on the content of the platform. YouTube Finance youtuber channel has more than 20,000 subscribers, and dozens of youtuber share the content of the platform.

In 2022, GENESIS GLOBAL was officially launched on the APP in June. In less than three months in the same year, it received a total of 2 reports from major media around the world. At present, there are many illegal websites and APPs imitating the concept of GENESIS GLOBAL in the global market. GENESIS GLOBAL is a Currently the only legal company in the market that Qingliu achieves the concept of decentralization of all funds with user experience and user safety. And it has a legal business license. It is affirmed and supported by users around the world. The number of global members currently totals 200,000. The number of cooperative e-commerce companies has reached 500,000 merchants.

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